Community committee on Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas project to be formed

District of Squamish officials have announced the creation of a community committee for the Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. The committee is being created to objectively assess the proposed project and provide input to both the project proponents and the District.

“Economic development has been this Council’s number one priority, and there is currently great momentum with some exciting opportunities knocking at our door,” says District of Squamish Mayor Rob Kirkham. “To maximize these opportunities for the benefit of our community we need to evaluate their long-term sustainability and understand how they fit into Squamish’s vision for a healthy, diversified economy. This committee will help us analyze the Woodfibre LNG project and conduct some in-depth investigation into some of the areas of concern that have been raised.”

The committee’s mandate is twofold. It will provide input to help inform the District’s response during the provincial environmental application review phase of the project. The committee will also provide feedback directly to the project proponents on certain technical matters that could mitigate impacts or enhance the project in the eyes of the community. Such technical matters include decisions that will be made on: water- compared to air-cooling technology, electric- compared to gas-fueled, land- compared to water-based plant structures, environmental, safety and community impacts.

“There is a very real opportunity to influence the decisions that Woodfibre LNG is currently making – decisions that may lessen the perceived or real impacts on the community and the environment,” continues Kirkham.

The committee will be comprised of one member of each of the following: Squamish Nation, Squamish Chamber of Commerce, Squamish Terminals, tourism groups, cultural groups, environmental groups and six members at large. A member of Council and a member of District staff will join the committee as ex-officio members.

The term of the committee will be for one year, and all members shall serve without remuneration.

Interested community members may apply to be part of the committee by submitting a resume and cover letter outlining their interest and how their background experience will benefit this committee to The deadline for applications is Tuesday, April 22.

More information and the committee Terms of Reference are available online at

April 7, 2014

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  • Hans Schaer Aug 22, 2014, 4:38 PM (7 years ago)

    This process is not efficient and the interest, judging by the the Comments, practically non existing . There where many that applied and not chosen, with not even a thank you for applying. This is an indication that the committee was hand picked and will not serve a useful purpose, other then publicity and a town hall, would have done more then all the hip about 13 Squamish people being able to advise the DOS on something they where voted in to advise us on . A deferral of an immediate referendum this week, even so just a moral statement to the world where Squamish people stand at a certain time in the process, would be much more suitable but of course against the spin DR,s agenda and quite frankly, anybody that has not made up his mind by now, is eider not interested, on the take and or a sleep. I am not happy as you can tell, about the process and any attempt for direct democracy with input by anybody, whether from the party or not and only as long as they are interested in the subject and not just grandstanding to get there name out for hopeful elections in November .. and I like to say that it is counter productive to them, as much as it is to the present council members, by not stating there personal believe and show collar.
    Hans Schaer,
    PS. By`Not taking a stand,, Squamish will revert back to the dark and stinky times of the past, of the so called "Squamish/Howe Sound Chemical Alley"

  • Jon Davidson May 20, 2014, 4:27 PM (7 years ago)

    As the page stands at this time the registration for participants is April 22,2014. It is now May 20, 2014.
    Not only should the consultation influence the decisions that Woodfibre makes but also the decisions that Squamish makes, to ensure that the proper beneficial decisions are made for the well-being of the community,not just the political benefit

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