Safety concerns prompt closure of Crumpit Creek Cruiser Trail while sustainable solution is explored

Crumpit Creek Cruiser TrailThe District’s Operations department has determined that the many efforts taken to maintain the Crumpit Creek Cruiser Trail to ensure the safety of trail users have been ineffective. The creek is higher than the trail in places, which results in regular wash-outs. The District spent in the magnitude of $25,000 on the trail last year, and essentially this work has been washed away. Falling trees and branches are also an ongoing concern.

The Operations department has determined that a more complete solution is required that would involve a much greater investment from the District as well as input from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Ministry of Environment. Secondary to the safety of the public who use the trail is the issue that the creek also presents possible flooding concerns to the surrounding area, and the District will be looking at how to address and mitigate this piece as well.

The District is in the process of developing signage to inform the public that the trail will be closed until further notice while staff explore what options may be available/sustainable.

The closure will assist to ensure the safety of trail users, which is paramount in this decision-making. It is also to demonstrate fiscal responsibility as it is not currently cost-effective to continue to maintain the trail with band-aid solutions.

The signs are expected to be up within the next two weeks. 

February 02, 2018

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