District of Squamish acquires high-value property near Smoke Bluffs Park

The District of Squamish has purchased a 5.3-acre property, known locally as the Drenka property, located between Smoke Bluffs Park and the tip of the Mamquam Blind Channel along Loggers Lane near the Squamish Adventure Centre. 

The District has had a long-standing interest in acquiring this piece of property and it was also identified during the District’s Real Estate and Facilities Strategy and Master Plan processes as a top priority for land acquisition. An existing water line for the District’s water supply system crosses the property; it has high riparian values due to the proximity to the Mamquam Blind Channel; and its proximity to Smoke Bluffs Park makes it an important asset for recreational and trail-related interests. 

“The acquisition of this property enables us to preserve our natural environment and support convenient access to parkland and outdoor recreation as our community continues to grow,” says District of Squamish Acting Mayor Jenna Stoner. “The District wishes to acknowledge and express thanks to the Drenka family for working with us to secure this important acquisition that will bring lasting benefits for the community."

Currently zoned Industrial, the property is designated as a ​'Greenway​' in the Squamish 2040 Official Community Plan which is defined as land that is intended/reserved for environmental protection or recreational use. The purchase ensures in perpetuity that this land will never be used for industrial purposes. 

The land was purchased for $650,000 through the Parks Reserve budget and was reflected in the 2020 budget as Parkland Acquisition. The Parks Reserve budget is funded through the District’s approval of subdivision applications. 

To learn more about the Real Estate and Facilities Strategy and Master Plan please visit https://squamish.ca/real-estate-and-facilities-master-plan.

August 10, 2020

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  • David Colwell Aug 14, 2020 3:53 PM (43 days ago)

    This is what we need. Keep this land 'Non Industrial'. Some time we may be cynical and just say. "They say this but we just don't trust them!" Right now, I trust...Prove me right!

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