District of Squamish implements natural gas consumption measures

Lowering consumption will help to reduce the risk of natural gas outages in B.C.

The District of Squamish is joining communities across the province in implementing measures to reduce the use of natural gas this season following the rupture of a natural gas transmission pipeline that could limit the supply of natural gas in B.C. The District is urging all residents and businesses to collectively reduce the use of natural gas over the winter months when consumption reaches peak demand.

“We are committed to taking additional measures to reduce our natural gas consumption this season so that all B.C. communities can have access to natural gas for heat, hot water and cooking,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “Our collaborative efforts to turn down the heat will help to prevent natural gas outages in B.C., while also reducing our own carbon footprint.”

What the District is doing:

  • To help conserve natural gas, the District will reduce the temperature at District buildings, turn off decorative gas fireplaces and bleacher heaters, and reduce the water temperatures of the hot tub and teach pool. This will make a significant difference in consumption rates, as approximately 95 per cent of the energy required to heat our facilities comes from natural gas. 

What you can do:

  • Turn down your thermostat.
  • Bundle up with a sweater, blanket or socks.
  • Warm-up with a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Heat only the areas of your home or office that are being used.
  • Shorten your shower by two minutes.
  • Use the energy-saving mode on your dishwasher.
  • Run your dishwasher only when full.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water or on shorter cycles, and consider using lower heat settings on your clothes dryer.


Fast Facts:

  • If just 11 homes were to reduce their thermostats by just 3 degrees Celsius, enough natural gas could be conserved to provide heat and hot water for one home for a year.
  • Five gigajoules of natural gas could be conserved annually if each member of a family of four were to reduce their shower time by two minutes.
  • More than 50 per cent of the total amount of energy used in a home is used towards space heating.
  • Using a fan will help circulate warm air.


December 06, 2018

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