District of Squamish set to launch enhanced SquamishAlert notification system 

Mobile alerting-app, enriched alerts, rate of delivery, optional day-to-day communications among new system benefits 

The District of Squamish has selected a new service provider that will improve the delivery, access and speed at which residents receive critical information through the SquamishAlert emergency notification system.  Existing subscribers will automatically receive notifications from the new system and no action is required. Residents who are not already subscribed are encouraged to sign up to receive emergency notifications at squamish.ca/alert

“This is an incredibly valuable tool that could provide critical life-saving information in the event of an emergency or evacuation,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “I urge every Squamish resident to take 60 seconds out of their day to visit our website, enter their information and subscribe to this service. We’ve seen the devastation that has already hit the province this summer. We have evacuees here in our community. Please, take a moment to be prepared. Make a grab-and-go kit. Know your evacuation zone. Get this app. It will help you when you need it the most.”

Squamish Alert allows the District of Squamish to communicate important information quickly in the event of an emergency such as a wildfire, flood or debris flow. The enhanced system includes an alerting app that enables the District to rapidly deliver targeted information for both emergency and optional day-to-day notifications such as weather, wildlife alerts, and campfire bans.  

How it works:



Launched in 2016 as a tool to enhance community resiliency in the event of an emergency, the SquamishAlert emergency notification system allows the District of Squamish to coordinate emergency messaging for all area residents. An alert is issued when the public is being asked to take immediate action, for example to evacuate or shelter in place. 

The system helps to further the District's collaborative efforts on emergency response with neighbouring municipalities through coordinated messaging issued by other local authorities’ notification systems such as the SLRD Alert, Whistler Alert and Squamish Nation Alert. 

SquamishAlert is powered by Voyent Alert!, a Canadian-made and hosted provider designed for small and mid-sized communities.

For Frequently Asked Questions and customer support, visit https://voyent-alert.com/ca/community.

To subscribe to the SquamishAlert notification system visit squamish.ca/alert. 



July 15, 2021

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  • Nelson Winterburn Jul 17, 2021, 9:27 PM (15 months ago)

    This is a very valuable step in ensuring an emergency is safely and professionally handled!

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