District of Squamish staff revisit optimal bike lane configurations following resident feedback

Parking protected bike lanes are being returned to their original configuration on Queens Way and on Government Road in the North Yards neighbourhood following feedback from residents that they found the new lanes were less safe than the previous configuration. The configuration was part of a 2018 bike lane pilot project to learn more about how and where parking protected bike lanes could work in Squamish.

The public was invited to provide feedback on the pilot bike lane configuration and a total of 28 emails, 126 Facebook comments and 485 survey responses were received. The majority of survey and email responders voiced safety concerns regarding sightlines, cars blocking the bike lane when exiting driveways, and the inability of bikers to get out of the way of car doors opening. While design solutions to most of these issues are available, they are difficult to implement in areas with large numbers of driveways.

“We wish to thank everyone who participated in this pilot project by sharing their opinions and experiences with us,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “While this type of configuration has worked in other places, it clearly did not work in these locations. Community feedback helped to provide valuable user insight which will certainly benefit future projects as we continue our investment in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.”

The bike lanes will be returned to their original configuration, where the cyclists are adjacent to the vehicle travel lanes, and the parked cars are against the curb. A buffer area between the parked cars and the bike lanes will be painted where possible to improve safety and reduce the risk of ‘dooring’, where a cyclist is hit by an opening door of a parked vehicle. Dooring can also be avoided by using the method of opening your car door with the opposite hand. The bike lane on the west side of Queens Way will also receive a buffer.

Work is planned for the week of July 8 to 12. Please be advised that street parking on Queens Way and Government Road near No Name Road will be affected while the work is in progress.

July 4, 2019

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  • Gwen L'Hirondelle Jul 5, 2019 2:59 PM (11 months ago)

    Thank you for listening and for acting.

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