Lock totes to save downtown bear family

A Wildlife Working Group consisting of WildsafeBC, Conservation Officer Service, Squamish Nation, RCMP, Green For Life - Squamish Division and District of Squamish work together to protect wildlife throughout Squamish. These group members care passionately about wildlife and work together to ensure humans and wildlife can safely co-exist in this beautiful place we all call home.

The group is very concerned about a bear family living near downtown. A mother and her cubs have been able to access garbage in the downtown area and are now on a path that may lead to their destruction.

The long-term outcome for bears feeding on garbage is a sad one, and one that everyone involved works hard to prevent. Their dependence on non-natural food sources ultimately puts them on a path from which they cannot recover. For bears reliant upon eating garbage, relocation and rehabilitation doesn’t work.

The Wildlife Working Group is putting out a plea to all residents, visitors and businesses, especially those in the downtown area, to ensure bears, and especially this bear family, cannot access garbage. If bears are able to access garbage, their chance of long-term survival goes downhill.

Please ensure totes and bins are locked and stored inside a garage or shed wherever possible. If your tote is damaged and can no longer be locked, please contact Green For Life - Squamish Division at 604.892.5604.  If you spot unsecured garbage, please report it to Bylaw Officers at 604.815.5067 or the RAPP line at 1.877.952.7277 (#7277 on your cell phone) so steps can be taken to address the problem. 

June 06, 2018

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