Mamquam gravel route closed to vehicles following safety concerns


Mamquam Road Closure

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The gravel uphill section of Mamquam Road toward Quest University, Ring Creek and Garibaldi Provincial Park will be closed to vehicle traffic until further notice due to safety concerns, effective immediately. The closure extends from the beginning of the gravel at the bridge over Mashiter Creek to just below the trailhead to Carpenter Son’s bridge, below Quest University. 

The road is too narrow and the embankment too steep in parts for cars to pass one another safely without significant risk to a vehicle being forced off the road and down the bank. This has worsened to the point where the road must be closed to regular vehicle traffic. The road will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as single-direction industrial vehicles upon case-by-case approval from the District of Squamish.

Access to all areas above Quest University, including Ring Creek and Garibaldi Provincial Park will remain available through University Boulevard.

“Public safety is paramount in our operations and we are unwilling to take risks when it comes to safety on our roads,” says District of Squamish Mayor Patricia Heintzman. “The necessary financial resources will need to be available and prioritized in order to upgrade the road to meet safety standards. Although this is a District road, it provides access to significant provincial assets as well as the Squamish Lillooet Regional District and we would hope to find a collaborative solution. In the meantime eliminating regular vehicle traffic will vastly improve safety for both trail users and industrial vehicle operators.”

The closure begins just below Carpenter Son’s Bridge. Vehicle access to the trailhead will now only be available from the Quest University side.

Road closure signage and gates are being installed at either end of the road. The road may be accessed for single-lane/one-way industrial traffic. Authorization by the District of Squamish and radio communication will be required.

Increased vehicle traffic through Garibaldi Highlands as a result of the closure is not anticipated to be significant. Traffic counters on The Boulevard placed before and after the closure measure the increase to traffic on The Boulevard at approximately three per cent. Future budget discussions will determine road improvements that could ultimately lead to the road re-opening. The road will continue to be maintained for emergency use.

September 17, 2018

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