More bear destructions are possible if residents don't secure totes and manage attractants

Officials are raising the alarm once again about bears that face an uncertain future if they become human food-conditioned, and will enforce with fines where necessary.

A mother bear and three cubs are currently living near the Thunderbird Ridge area of Garibaldi Highlands. Conservation Officers (CO) are monitoring this bear family closely, and in partnership with the District of Squamish, every effort is being made to keep these bears wild.  

The survival of this bear family, and others, is reliant on public diligence.  

Please go to extra efforts to ensure all attractants are securely stored and store totes in a shed or garage if possible. 

Bears are smart, resourceful and determined when it comes to finding food, and some have learned ways to break into locked totes. They have also figured out tote collection schedules so they know when to visit each neighbourhood. 

If residents notice unsecured attractants, please talk to your neighbours or report to the Bylaw Office at 604.815.5067. An enforcement campaign will take place across Squamish to gain compliance in the management of wildlife attractants. 

Enforcement officers will primarily look for unlocked or broken totes. Broken totes can be reported to GFL for replacement at 604.892.5607 or

'Wildlife Hotspot' signage has been posted in the Thunderbird Ridge area in an effort to raise greater awareness of this particular bear family. Thank you for your efforts. Together we can make a difference.

June 13, 2019

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  • Dave Colwell Jun 13, 2019 10:13 AM (12 months ago)

    We NEVER have any garbage in our Garbage tote or any kitchen waste in our Garden Waste tote other than on the day of pick-up and only for an hour. The kitchen waste is bagged correctly and is usually frozen prior to placement. WE DO NOT LOCK OUR EMPTY CLEAN TOTES....reason: we have had bears investigate our empty (locked) totes and they have played football with a tote all over the yard to try to open it (though only on two occasions causing damage and noise at night).We will not lock them unless forced.You will not find a more conscientious member of the public in this regard.

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