More service hours and new fare structure make their way to Squamish

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Expansion hours and a new fare structure are headed to the Squamish Transit System this fall.

BC Transit and the District of Squamish are announcing a service expansion in the Squamish Transit System effective September 3, 2019 and a fare change effective September 1, 2019.

BC Transit works hard to match service with demand, the 1400 service expansion hours will help to improve service for transit users by providing more access to transit by adding additional service to existing routes and the increased frequency on routes.

The September expansion will include:  

  • Service-level change for the route 4 Garibaldi, which will now service Walmart                                    
  • Additional service to routes 1 Brackendale, 2 Highlands, 3 Valleycliffe, and 9 Quest University                                               

Starting September 1, bus riders will now be able to purchase the DayPASS right when they board the bus. This will make it more convenient to ride the bus all day within the Squamish System.

As part of the introduction of the DayPASS program, transfers will no longer be available in the Squamish Transit System. DayPASSes can be purchased exclusively onboard the bus for $4 or exchanged for two bus tickets.

For more information on the service expansion, fare change and FAQ, please visit or pick up a new Rider’s Guide.                                                                    

August 21, 2019

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