District explores plans for two replacement Fire Halls with “main hall” and administration offices relocated to Clarke Drive site

Requests for Proposals for new Clarke Drive Fire Hall Design Services and Construction Manager being issued

Firehall map

The District of Squamish has endorsed in principle plans to build a new fire hall, administration offices and emergency operations centre (EOC) on the site of the existing Alex Munro Fire Hall No. 1 on Clarke Drive at Highway 99. Fire Hall No. 2 on Tantalus Road will be rebuilt at its current location. It will be built as a smaller hall to house apparatus and equipment, and designed to contemplate future expansion needs. This plan enables the District to upgrade Tantalus Hall No. 2 to meet post disaster standards, maximize its land assets, and ensure that all areas of town are fully serviced and within insurance proximity requirements.

“Kick starting progress on this critical infrastructure is a big step forward, and one that will solidify our emergency services plan long into the future,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “This is a strategic plan that addresses a wide range of considerations and maximizes efficiencies financially, operationally and from a service-delivery perspective.”

Some of the benefits and efficiencies of this plan include:

  • Ability to locate the administrative function of the Fire Department and EOC out of the flood plain, which is a recommendation of the Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan.
  • Improved proximity to Downtown for the ladder truck to better access the community’s tallest buildings.
  • New fire hall buildings can incorporate industry best practices from a health standard to work towards addressing fire fighters’ risk of incidences of cancer. Such best practices include commercial grade washing machines, decontamination washroom and an environmentally controlled room for gear storage.
  • Efficient use of District-owned land as the Clarke Drive property is ample-sized to house a larger hall, administrative space and an EOC.
  • Avoids the need to purchase new property which is expected to offset the rebuild of the smaller Tantalus Hall and the building of temporary structures during the work.

“Council has set an ambitious goal to progress to being shovel-ready on three District facility upgrades by 2022, to address the shortcomings of many facilities that are reaching end-of-life or no longer meet the needs of the growing community,” continues Elliott. “Without a doubt, the Tantalus Fire Hall is our top priority and so Council is very pleased to see this move forward.”

The District has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design of the new main hall on Clarke Drive. The 2019-2023 Financial Plan allocates $600,000 in 2019 for design for the replacement of the main Fire Hall

The RFP will confirm anticipated project costs (i.e. construction costs, site improvements required, temporary relocation costs) to support a final Council decision and establish a funding plan for budgeting in 2020/21.

Construction could begin on the Clarke Drive Hall in late 2020, and be ready for occupancy in 2022. Construction could begin at the Tantalus Road Hall once the Clarke Drive Hall is complete and staff have moved over.

June 3, 2019

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