Snow Update, January 5, 2018

11 a.m. - A message from our District of Squamish snow clearing crews: 

  • Crews are currently working in all areas of our community:
    • One crew in Brackendale North;
    • One crew in Garibaldi Highlands;
    • One crew in Garibaldi Estates to Downtown Squamish;
    • One crew in Valleycliffe.
  • Crews are focusing on safe routes to school and drainage.
  • Please be aware that there will be localized pooling on most streets.
  • Crews are attempting to open up drainage channels to catch basins and ditches.
  • If you experience a drainage issue causing damage to infrastructure (i.e. flooding crawl spaces or carports), please call Operations at 604.815.6868.
  • If you notice pooling water on the road you may contact Operations at 604.815.6868 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to add a particular road or area to the list.

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue with our cleanup efforts! 

January 05, 2018

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  • bill mcenery Jan 06, 2018

    the snow needs to be winged back on the blvd., ayr drive , argyle and others in the highlands before it freezes . this was always in the past even thou cars were parked on the streets. why not this year?

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