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Update: The District of Squamish is one step closer to achieving carbon-neutrality through its own Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM), an online carbon exchange initiative supporting local projects that target Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions.

The BC Government, in partnership with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, developed the Climate Action Charter in 2007 with the goal of encouraging British Columbia and municipalities to work cooperatively to take action on climate change.

Squamish signed the Climate Action Charter in December 2008.

The District of Squamish has been measuring and reporting on the District’s emissions since 2010. By doing so the District has achieved Green Communities Level 2: Measurement, but has not yet achieved carbon neutrality.

The District of Squamish is taking steps to achieve carbon-neutrality through the growth of its own local, low-carbon economy through the development of a Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM).  

  • A CCM is a community-based carbon exchange initiative to enable local governments, businesses and individuals to meet their Climate Action Charter objectives by purchasing carbon offsets from local projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build community resilience.  The program is facilitated by Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society (CEA).
  • A community carbon marketplace will enable the District to purchase carbon offsets from local projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build community resilience. A local carbon marketplace also has the potential to encourage and support community-wide carbon reduction efforts and the emerging low carbon economy.
  • The District is entering into an agreement with CEA to determine the potential for a Squamish Community Carbon Marketplace.

Stay tuned for further information on how local businesses and organizations can get involved as details are finalized.

Read the Report to Council - November 22, 2016 Committee of the Whole

Media stories

Squamish to pioneer local carbon offset program (CBC Vancouver, February 2, 2016)

Carbon marketplace on its way to Squamish (Squamish Chief, January 26, 2016) 

About Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society

Cowichan Energy Alternatives (CEA) was founded in 2008 as a non-profit organization focused on providing energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories and planning services, renewable energy feasibility studies and implementation, and leading community carbon offsetting initiatives through Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM). Funds generated through CEA's GHG inventory and other revenue-generating sustainability services go to support educational initiatives and a growing list of alternative energy projects and carbon offsetting services that truly demonstrate leadership by example. 


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