Affordable Housing Framework


In October 2011, the District of Squamish allocated funds to a ‘Housing Action Plan’ project (now titled the ‘Affordable Housing Framework for Squamish’) to be carried out by the Squamish Housing Options Group (SHOG). SHOG is a collective of local community groups that share information and coordinate housing initiatives. SHOG membership includes:

1. Squamish Social Planning Council,
2. Helping Hands Society,
3. Squamish Climate Action Network,
4. Sea to Sky Community Services,
5. Vancouver Coastal Health,
6. Howe Sound Women’s Centre,
7. Squamish Nation,
8. Squamish Senior Citizens Housing Society,
9. Squamish Public Library,
10. District of Squamish,
11. builders and interested citizens.

The Affordable Housing Framework will serve as a guiding policy document, with the aim of ensuring that there are sufficient housing options in Squamish to meet the full spectrum of needs found in the community. It will guide affordable and social housing projects within the District. The Framework will update and supplement the District’s Affordable Housing Strategy (2005), with emphasis on the non-market portion of the housing continuum. It will also serve as a critical tool for project fundraising.

The three components of the Affordable Housing Framework are as follows:

  1. A snapshot of housing needs within the community (the Need and Demand Study);
  2. Consensus on what the priority housing issues are (the Community Stakeholder Consensus Meeting); and
  3. A framework to address the priority issues (the Affordable Housing Framework for Squamish).

The Framework will be carried out by multiple partners in the community over the short, medium, and long term, requiring collaboration among various levels of government, community organizations, and agencies.

A local social planning consultant, Margaret Forbes, was contracted to develop the Framework. The Framework is supported by best practice research in British Columbia to determine how best to address identified need.

Additional Information

Project Timeline

March 2012: Contract awarded

2012: Draft completed

2013: Draft review and revisions

February 2014: Public information session

March/ April 2014: Presented to Council


If you have questions about the Affordable Housing Framework, please contact District of Squamish Planner Elaine Naisby at 604-815-4965.

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