Affordable Rental Housing Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is affordable housing and who qualifies for it?

    Affordable rental housing is tentatively defined as modest or entry level rental accommodation to cater to a maximum gross household income still to be determined.

  • What other sites were considered/are available?

    The District has very limited land availability in terms of what is owned by the municipality. Purchasing land at market prices to build affordable housing is not feasible. A site on Guilford Drive was also initially considered, but is not being pursued as it doesn't present a feasible option.

  • What opportunity will the public have to provide input?

    This is the beginning of the process, with much work to be done. District of Squamish Council has endorsed this philosophically. Work will continue over the coming months on feasibility, funding opportunities, and decision-making around re-zoning (required at the Buckley site). Council is always open to receiving input on projects as they make their way through the decision-making process. All comments received on the project will be compiled. More formal public engagement opportunities will be considered once the project's feasibility is better understood. 

  • How do you register/apply for these units?

    The qualification and registration process has not yet been explored, and will be considered as part of the feasibility study.

  • When is construction likely to begin?

    The District has made an application to BC Housing’s Community Housing Fund (CHF) program to fund the design and construction of the Buckley Avenue project.

    A Notice of Award from BC Housing will be made in November 2018. If the application is successful, the District is planning to have provisional project approval in March 2019, completion of all planning and design work, and receiving final approvals from BC Housing in the Fall of 2019, and starting construction by May 2020, so that the facility will be operational by September 2021.

  • How will the Buckley site plans impact the existing Skate Park, Youth Centre, and proposed Dentville Community Park?

    There are no plans to relocate the skate park. The current site design includes an area for the proposed public park. The new building proposes to include new space to provide for the youth centre, which could then be removed or re-purposed. 

  • What are the next steps?

    Feasibility work on the finances for the projects is underway. The Buckley site would need to be rezoned to accommodate the change in use of the land. 

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