Pioneer Way Extension Project

Identified as a high priority in the District’s 2031 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, the Pioneer Way Extension project will extend Pioneer Way from Queens Way to the intersection of Government Road and Centennial Road to form a new arterial route. Upon completion of the three phases, the project will feature a two-lane expansion, sidewalks, a paved multi-use separated pathway, roadway lighting, new storm infrastructure, intersection upgrades and the upgrade of the Discovery Trail to Government Road. 

This upgrade will eventually serve as a major entry into the Business Park from the north side of Squamish, help to decrease traffic through the residential North Yards neighbourhood, and upgrade the Discovery Trail to Government Road.

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Phase 1:

Timeline: November 2020 to June 2021

Impact: Pioneer Way will be closed to all vehicle traffic beginning November 23, 2020.

This phase of the Pioneer Way extension project will see the construction of the road from Queens Way to Discovery Way which includes the following roadway and utility work:

  • Roadway lighting;
  • Infrastructure for future signalized intersection at Queens Way and Pioneer Way;
  • Installation of new storm infrastructure;
  • Vegetation removal and grading;
  • Construction of paved multi-use pathway on the south side of Pioneer Way to Discovery Way.


Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 will involve design and construction of the stretch from Discovery Way to Aspen Road (2021-2022). Phase 3 will involve design and construction of the stretch from Aspen Road to Government Road. The start date for the third phase of the project is not known at this time as the future road alignment on this stretch has not been finalized and will require further investigation.


Project contact information:

Jon Allan, Engineering Technician, District of Squamish via email.

November 18, 2020

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  • Darlene Anderson Nov 20, 2020, 3:47 PM (2 months ago)

    I am against this redevelopment because you are NOT building a dedicated space for bicyclists only. You have a sidewalk for pedestrians - cool, roads for cars - great and then a multiuse path for a cyclist to weave amongst other slower users? This is truly not fair. Cars travel at one speed, pedestrians another and bicyclists another. None of these speeds overlap and it is inconsiderate to lump bicyclists as either a car or a pedestrian. Please create a bicycle only space that is wide enough for passing of two bicycles as bicyclists often travel at different speeds. Other than that - the redevelopment is fine.

    Another issue is how you have the road markings on the road as you turn off Queens or NOT to Pioneer way. As I have mentioned before these road markings are dangerous for those going straight.

    It is hard not to get tired and frustrated saying the same thing over and over again - but here I am saying it again.


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