Sanitary System Trenchless Repairs

Sanitary sewer repair work will take place in various locations around Valleycliffe, Garibaldi Estates and along Buckley Avenue.

This work will be of low impact to residents and businesses, primarily using trenchless repair methods however some open cut excavation will be required. 

Impact: There will be minimal traffic disturbances during this work, with traffic flaggers, signage and traffic management plans in place. During the liner curing process, residents may see steam rising from the endpoint manholes in the immediate work area and smell a faint chemical odor in the air, this will be of short duration. Notices will be hand delivered to affected residents and businesses.

Timeframe: Second week of July through the second week of August. Typical work hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; some night work may be necessary. 


Jamie McCarthy

June 29, 2020