Stabilization work underway on upper Mamquam Road

A section of the gravel (uphill) portion of Mamquam Road had slid away during a winter storm in late January of this year, and work is now being done to stabilize the slope and reinstate the gravel road. The road was closed to public vehicular traffic in 2018 due to public safety concerns around the narrowness of the road and steep embankment that made it dangerous for two vehicles to pass one another.

The location of the stabilization work on upper Mamquam Road, located south of the junction with Quest University. Construction will begin in the next week and is expected to last approximately five weeks.

Once the work is complete, it will re-open to bikes and pedestrians and will remain closed to public vehicle traffic. It will be available as a one-way emergency route from the Highlands. Industrial traffic can also seek permission to access it for one-way traffic.

June 18, 2020

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