Mamquam Road Bicycle Lane Project

Mamquam Bike lane web map

An 800m bike lane has been installed from Highlands Way South to Highway 99, connecting to the Corridor Trail.


Mid-August to early October 2014.

Project details

  • The new bike lane ties into the existing Corridor trail at Highway 99 with a paved three meter wide trail to the intersection of Mamquam Rd and Glenalder Place.
  • A new crosswalk, sidewalk letdowns, push button pedestrian light improvements have been installed for North and South pedestrian movements across Mamquam Road at Glenalder Place.
  • Mamquam Road has a new 1.5m bike lane and 0.5m shoulder from Glenalder Place to Highlands Way South.
  • Highlands Way South upgrades include the extension of existing curb and sidewalk, Mamquam Road crosswalk, redesigned drive lanes for safer interaction between pedestrians and vehicles. 

neighbourhood impact

To accommodate the construction approximately 33 mature trees had to removed and existing vegetation trimmed to ensure the required space was achieved.  Staff worked with the Squamish Valley Golf Course senior staff to limit the impacts on the vegetation buffer.