Squamish Seniors' Centre Revitalization


The Squamish Seniors’ Centre has been in operation since Oct 2009. Since then, Recreation Services has been supporting and promoting active lifestyles among older adults by building programs, partnerships and places that inspire skill development, creativity, leadership and fun. We believe that recreation is a vital public right that is essential to mental, physical and social well-being and we strive to ensure that all community members have access to affordable, quality recreation and services.

The vision for the Squamish Seniors’ Centre is to become a vibrant gathering place in the heart of downtown Squamish that meets the changing needs of our community where people are encouraged to participate and can live healthy and active lives well into their golden years.

Community Participation

Recreation Services is committed to improving 55y+ programming and to increasing the number of visitations at the Squamish Seniors’ Centre. To do this, we will engage a broad spectrum of older adults and other stakeholders to create a project team. The goal of the project team will be to develop a strategy to increase visitation and utilization of the Squamish Seniors’ Centre by March 31, 2017.  Recreation Services is aiming to have the project team comprised of members with varying interests and perspectives. Team members will play a pivotal role in creating an active, vibrant centre that meets the needs of our community while staying true to the value of enhancing the lives of older adults. View the Project Team's Terms of Reference.


  • To engage a broad spectrum of older adults to discuss Recreation Programs and find opportunities to improve seniors’ health and wellness.
  • To increase program participation and visits by new older adult users.
  • To increase utilization of the Centre.

Project Timeline

Project timeline, including opportunities for public input:

July 18

Click here https://squamish.ca/yourgovernment/meetings/video-library/2017/july/
to view Regular Business Meeting on July 18.

July 11

Click here https://squamish.ca/yourgovernment/meetings/video-library/2017/july/ to view The Committee of the Whole presentation and slides from July 11.

Click here to view the meeting minutes from July 11.

April 2017

The recommendations were presented:

Click here to view The Committee of the Whole presentation from April 11: https://squamish.ca/yourgovernment/meetings/video-library/2017/april/

Click here to view meeting minutes from April 11 .


November 6, 2015

Introduction of project to Squamish Seniors Centre Society

May, 2016

Project Page launched

June 2016

Create Project Team

July-February, 2016

Project Team Meetings
Action Items/Meeting Minutes July 26, 2016

Meeting Agenda October 17, 2016

Meeting Agenda October 19, 2016

Meeting Agenda November 28, 2016

August-October, 2016

Community input: Surveys, Interviews

November-January, 2016

Review of Community Input

Creation of Draft Recommendations

February 27, 2017
6 - 8 p.m.
Squamish Seniors' Center

Open House Presentation of Draft Recommendations. The presentation boards were on display at the Seniors' Centre February 28 and March 1, and at Brennan Park Recreation Centre March 2 and 3.

Download the workbook to share your feedback or pick up a printed copy at the Seniors' Centre or Brennan Park.

The deadline to return workbooks to the Seniors' Centre or Brennan Park was 12 p.m. March 3.

April 2017

The recommendations were presented to Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting, Tuesday, April 11 at 4 p.m. Click here to view project presentation slides

Click here to Review further Project Information including: Background statement, Our commitment, Project Team Members, Project Goals, Process, and How you can contribute.

Click here to Review the Squamish Seniors’ Centre Operations – Informational Document.

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  • Bev Blackett Mar 30, 2017

    I think that the name of the centre should be 'The Clocktower' it does signify an older age group,by the word clock- time moving on- Tower is significant of something regal and grand. From time to time I am asked where I hold my yoga classes when I tell people The Seniors centre they assume right away that it is really old folks, even if they are in there 50's some of them do not want to go to the seniors centre. I think 40 and 50 year olds are a great age group to attract to the centre, they are the upcoming Seniors. Get them involved now and you will have a strong group of supporters as the centre evolves.

    • Shannon Goetsch Mar 31, 2017

      Thank you for your feedback Bev. The Seniors’ Centre Revitalization Project Team has finalized their recommendations on how to increase visitation and utilization of the Centre and these will be presented to Council in April. The recommendations do address the re-naming of the Centre and the expansion of program offerings to attract both adults and seniors’ to the facility. If you have any further questions or would like to be contacted directly please let us know.

  • Janice McDonald-Zavarce May 30, 2016

    I'd like to comment about the goals and ask for some clarification. Goal stated: To increase program participation and visits by new older adult users. What is an 'older adult user? 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+? Personally, I think we need to work on involving the 65 to 75 yr. group for the following reasons:
    - many are still very physically active and looking for activities that can be maintained with modification, if needed, in the future. Example - Bev's yoga, lawn bowling in and outside.
    - If you hook this age group, they will be there in 5 and 10 years. Of course, older participants still need to have programs and activities.
    - I'm new to this community and I feel a definite 'attitude' about older community members - perhaps ageism is too strong a word, but it seems to be close to ageism. Perhaps the name needs to be changed - a rebranding.
    - I'd like to see the Senior Centre become a meeting place for walking or running groups, x-country and downhill skiing groups (carpool or maybe bus rental?). Swim and paddle board outings to Alice or Brohm. I love that classes in the arts, computers etc are offered but many of the 65-75 fear sitting (the new smoking) and its affects on the body.

    • Gillian Smethurst Aug 31, 2016

      Hi Janice: I'm a 70 year old and have only just seen your post (followed the link from the Seniors' Centre Revitalization questionnaire) and you echo some of the things on which I have also commented. I too wish to see some ongoing modified walk/run groups out of the Seniors Centre and contacted the recreation department some time ago about this. Three days a week, year round, would be fabulous so I hope someone is listening!

    • Michelle LeBlanc Aug 16, 2016

      Hello Janice:

      My name is Michelle and I am entering my 2nd year of a Master's in Gerontology program at SFU. Please feel free to contact me as I am currently involved in a project you may be interested in.

      My e-mail address is: mpleblan@sfu.ca

    • DOS Communications Jun 23, 2016

      Thank you for your comments Janice. We view older adults as anyone 55 and up and hope that by engaging the community through the SC Revitalization Project we will be able to attract and involve all the age groups you mention and make it a welcoming place for all. I hope that you will fill out an application to join the project team.

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