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Downtown Truck Route Study


The Downtown Truck Route Study is now complete. View the final report. The study has concluded that the volume and percentage of current and anticipated truck traffic in Downtown Squamish does not justify building an alternative route in the short or long term. Current truck traffic counts indicate that, on average, approximately two trucks per hour use Logger’s Lane in either direction, on a regular business day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The highest count during the study period recorded 10 trucks in one hour (in either direction).

While there will be an increase in truck traffic with the Oceanfront development and during other major downtown construction projects, the volume can be accommodated on the existing route. In the future, when alternative roadways are built or improved in response to an increase in general traffic, the truck route should be modified to find the most efficient possible path from Highway 99 to major industrial destinations. Further, these future roadways and intersections should be designed to accommodate large trucks.

In the meantime, the study recommends making improvements to the existing Loggers Lane route from Highway 99 via Cleveland Avenue, to make it safer and more efficient. This will be considered as part of future paving and capital works roadway improvements projects. The District has budgeted to do more traffic modelling and transportation planning in 2017 and 2018 to look at general traffic patterns and plan for growth.

Council accepted the Final Downtown Truck Route Study for planning purposes at the March 21, 2017 Regular Business Meeting.

Thank you to the community for sharing your ideas and concerns about the Downtown Squamish Truck Route. Over several months, the District collected and analyzed traffic data as well as reviewed background reports and environmental and engineering considerations for all of the Truck Route options. 

Two public open houses were held to introduce the options, and then to present an overview of the analysis completed to date, and a summary of what we heard through the consultation process. Thank you to everyone who attended and provided feedback.

View the information boards presented at the second meeting.

Project Overview: 

The District of Squamish undertook a Downtown Truck Route Study (the study) to ensure a safe and efficient downtown truck route can support rising port activities, while balancing the needs of the growing Squamish community. The Downtown Truck Route study was one of the key recommendations in the District’s 2031 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, adopted by District Council in 2011.  

As part of the study, the District explored four options as potential future downtown truck routes. Each truck route scenario had varying degrees of social, environmental, technical and economic impacts to be considered and evaluated further. The existing and proposed routes can be reviewed on the map below.

Community involvement was a key component in the development of a future downtown truck route.

Existing Truck Routes And Proposed Routes Rev B

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