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Council adopted the Community Digital Strategy on December 6, 2016.

The District of Squamish developed this Squamish Digital Strategy to determine how the District and their project partners can better leverage technology to meet the growing social, economic and environmental needs and desires of its citizens. It aligns, where possible, with other District initiatives that also target digital opportunities and challenges including the Economic Development Review, the Official Community Plan, and the Technology Transformation Program.

Progressive cities and municipalities around the world are producing local digital strategies in order to better define growth objectives and to link digital products and services to wider community and economic development plans. These strategies often involve building tools for cultural and social engagement, and can offer all members of a community the opportunity to be digital citizens.


In 2015, a Digital Strategy Select Committee was formed to explore the development of a community digital strategy that will improve public engagement, attract business investment, progress the digital interaction between the District of Squamish and its residents, and provide for greater awareness and transparency of digital services available. The committee was comprised of representatives from local government, non-profits, business organizations, and local industry. 

A Digital Strategy presentation summarizing stakeholder interviews, survey results and existing digital services was presented at the Digital Strategy Committee Meeting on June 23, followed by a facilitated Q & A session. The presentation invited feedback from committee members and the public on gaps that may still be remaining and questions still to be answered prior to creating the draft Digital Strategy.

The new Community Digital Strategy complements other projects that are already underway, such as the economic development strategy and the District's Technology Transformation Project which aims to improve public municipal services through better technological solutions.

Digital Strategy Goals: 

1. Promote a more connected and engaged community;
2. Enable growth of the technology sector;
3. Improve District of Squamish services;
4. Allow open and transparent government.

An important part of developing this Digital Strategy was to ensure that local stakeholders were given the opportunity to provide input into the planning of the Strategy. In addition to interviewing a number of key stakeholders, this outreach includes a survey for all of Squamish to consider.


Technology Transformation Project

2015-2018 Strategic Plan


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