New Valleycliffe Fire Hall

The new Squamish Fire Rescue (SFR) headquarters and Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) are now operational, marking the completion of the first of three critical facilities identified for priority replacement in the District of Squamish’s 2019 Real Estate and Facilities Master Plan. The community helped celebrate this milestone on August 26, 2022 when a grand opening took place. Construction of the building took place between winter 2020 and summer 2022.

Key highlights of the new fire hall include:

  • Post-disaster building and new Squamish Fire Rescue headquarters, housing the fire and emergency program administration (previously at the Tantalus Hall) and the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC, previously housed at the RCMP building) to Valleycliffe.
  • Moved the building, the EOC and a new District IT Server Room out of the floodplain.
  • Accommodates firefighter decontamination needs by providing adequate change rooms and shower facilities, a key health and safety component to support cancer prevention.
  • Includes a Hose/Training Tower.

Please see the Valleycliffe Fire Hall Form and Character report to Council for full details.

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New fire hall drawing

  • Status: on time, on budget
  • Timeline: completion date May 2022
  • Current works: structural lumber complete, roof is on, making it weatherproof, openings are covered and premises is heated (framing is dried out and ready for drywall), drywall has started, interior door frames installed, plumbing/sprinkler/electrical/HVAC rough in underway, bay doors ready for install, elevator ready for install, utility connections 90% complete, tie downs complete, plywood sheathing 90% complete, exterior insulation underway
  • Budget: development budget $16.7m, cost to date (Sept.) $6.4m
  • Next step: continue to work with contractors to maintain schedule and budget, prepare for the May move in (fittings/furniture/equipment (FFE))
  • Hurdles: COVID is now starting to impact material and labor supply, scheduling contingencies are being used
  • Other: overall the project is tracking well. The builder is in a great position coming into winter with heat on, frame dry and the premises ready for interior works. There is good morale onsite and all contractors are working well to juggle the constantly changing supply chain issues. The building is taking shape and Staff will invite Council to partake in a walk through soon.


  • The spine roof is in the works, and complete coverage is anticipated next week, just in time for winter.
  • Drywall and finishes are well underway in several of the rooms.
  • Water main and utility trenches are nearing completion.
  • The elevator has been completed off-site and is ready for installation.


The builder is pushing hard to get the roof on. Some interior finishes have begun. Work remains on time with completion scheduled this April. 



  • Status: on time and on budget
  • Current works:
    • structural lumber 90% complete
    • middle roof is on
    • concrete blockwork complete
    • mezzanine area framing complete to ceiling level
    • electrical/telco utilities in design
    • mechanical rough-in started
  • Budget: development budget $16 million. Cost to date (June) $5.5 million
  • Hurdles: COVID impacting materials and labour supply. The builder is working through as this was predicted.
  • Other: achieved 95%+ landfill waste reduction for demolition and tracking 85%+ during construction


The District of Squamish built a new Fire Hall, Emergency Operations Centre and administration building on the site of the Alex Munro Fire Hall #1 in Valleycliffe. 

A temporary fire hall at the intersection of Guilford and Clarke Drives ensured continued fire protection during construction of the new building. In conjunction with the hospital, additional parking spaces were created to manage parking demand in the area.

View the information boards from the open house.

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