Highway 99 intersection at Cleveland Avenue project


The Highway 99 intersection at Cleveland Avenue has the highest intersection accident statistics in Squamish. In particular, the southbound right turning lane off Cleveland Avenue onto Highway 99 is prone to accidents.

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) is responsible for all highway intersections. In 2016, the District of Squamish partnered with MOTI and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to study the intersection. A report was brought to Council in December 2016, which included a number of recommendations. 

MOTI began construction of the southbound acceleration lane in summer 2022. 

District work

The District implemented a number of improvements that came out of the recommendations.

Much of the DOS work focused on improving pedestrian and cyclist safety in relation to the intersection:

  • Rose Park/Corridor Trail upgrade to divert pedestrians and cycle traffic to access Downtown via the highway underpass.
  • Countdown counters on the traffic lights improved safety for pedestrians; funding for this project was received from ICBC and MOTI.
  • Planned improvements to the underpass include:
    • Widening
    • LED lighting
    • Mural
    • Improved trail connection to Corridor Trail and sidewalks
    • Improved signage
  • Sightlines and vegetation issues were addressed (southbound/right turn lane).
  • A missing section of sidewalk was installed in front of McDonalds to improve pedestrian safety.

ICBC continues to be a strong supporter and funds traffic improvements within the District of Squamish annually.

MOTI began construction of the southbound acceleration lane in summer 2022. 

Associated Documents

Sea to Sky Highway at Cleveland Avenue Traffic Operational Safety Review - Report

View the November 15, 2016 Regular Business Meeting video archive.

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