Loggers Lane East - Sub Area Plan

The District of Squamish is undertaking a Sub Area Plan for the portion of the Loggers East neighbourhood located south of Raven Drive and north of Robin Drive. This neighbourhood is identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP) as an area where a Sub Area Plan is required prior to future major development applications. (Note: other parts of the original Loggers East planning area to the north are now under construction (Maples, Seven Peaks) or in a rezoning process.)

Loggers Lane East SAP Project Page Map


Why is this plan being done?
Currently, the Loggers East area consists primarily of single family uses with a semi-rural character, as well as some small lot residential and industrial uses. The OCP designates Loggers East as “Residential”, which allows for a wide range of residential uses and densities, and there is considerable interest in redevelopment in this neighbourhood. At the same time, there are a number of development constraints and environmental values, as well as resident input on the future of the neighbourhood, that must be considered.

What will the Sub Area Plan contain?
As described in the OCP, the Sub Area Plan will address land use, density, housing forms, natural hazards, environmentally sensitive areas, roads and servicing infrastructure, and opportunities for recreation and public amenities. Several technical background studies are being completed as part of the planning process to provide a more detailed review of environmental conditions, steep slopes, servicing, drainage and transportation requirements. The future plan will reflect this background information as well as input from area residents on their vision for the area. The final Sub Area Plan will provide planning policy to guide future development in the neighbourhood and is intended to be adopted by Council as a Schedule to the OCP.

How Can I Participate In The Process?
The planning process will include several public open houses to provide information and obtain input from neighbourhood residents.

  • The first open house was held Wednesday, October 23.
  • Additional open houses will be held in 2020 and advertised in advance.

Survey Results - What We Heard

The first survey for the Loggers East Sub Area Plan provided a great deal of information with close to 100 responses to many questions.  The full survey results are available here. The survey respondents included residents of the Loggers East Plan area, residents from nearby areas (primarily Ravenswood/Kingfisher Road areas) and others with an interest in the area, including users of equestrian facilities.

Some of the key messages from the survey included:

  • Valued qualities – residents clearly indicated they valued the rural atmosphere of the neighbourhood and having a great family neighbourhood close to Downtown and recreation facilities.
  • Rural lifestyle – many residents indicated they want to preserve the rural character and quietness of the area, as well as uses such as equestrian facilities.
  • Environmental protection – written responses highlighted the value placed on the riparian areas, forested surroundings and living close to nature.
  • Changes to housing types and future density – residents supported single family residential use, with some support for some new forms of housing such as townhouses, clustered small homes and duplexes, and limited support for apartments.
  • Concerns were expressed regarding future traffic, housing density, poor drainage, loss of habitat and wildlife areas, need for playgrounds and trails in the neighbourhood and preservation of equestrian facilities.
  • Residents generally supported having local commercial uses such as café, local store and home businesses, but were less receptive to light industrial/general commercial uses.


There are several ways to provide input:

  • Submit comments by email to: planning@squamish.ca
  • Drop off or mail written comments to Municipal Hall at 37955 Second Avenue, V8B 0A3
  • Contact the Planning Department at 604.815.5017


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