Active Transportation Upgrades

Active transportation upgrades to the pedestrian and cycling routes along Mamquam Road between Government Road and Highway 99 will include:

  • Complete the sidewalk on the north side between Willow Park and Highway 99 (sidewalk west of Willow Park to be completed at a later date).
  • Provide a protected bike lane on the north side.
  • Maintain the existing sidewalk on the south side.
  • Provide an on-street bike lane on the south side (this could be converted to a protected bike lane at a future date).
  • 32 of 36 parking stalls will be maintained, however the locations will be required to be adjusted.


  • Phased parking restrictions along Mamquam Road.
  • Transit route and stop locations impacts.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained throughout construction.

Timeframe: August to October

Project value: $2.1 million