What's in a logo?

OCP Final Logo 01#Squamish2040 highlights the timeline and scope of the project, showing that it is future-oriented and envisioning what the community could be like in the year 2040. The hashtag also sets the expectation for deep community engagement and that citizens will be able to follow the process on social media.

“Your Future. Your Plan. Our Squamish.” communicates that people in Squamish have the responsibility to get involved and that their ideas will be reflected in the plan. Together we are shaping the community of tomorrow.

The Chief, Howe Sound, and reeds provide an iconic reference to Squamish’s natural beauty and environment, helping participants to remember that the future is shaped by our past and by the natural setting.

The framing of the graphics into a book with multi-coloured pages reminds participants that the outcome of this project is a plan. The colours also indicate that the plan will dive into topics and themes.