Hosting an OCPizza Party

1. Invite

Invite four to eight people to join you for up to two hours of discussion on policy directions related to one of three themed workbooks, stressing that the District of Squamish is really interested in their opinions and thoughts, and that there will be food to fuel the discussion. Propose a time and location that works. The three themed workbooks are:

2. Prepare

Ask people to print a copy of the related discussion guide before the meeting, and to come prepared to talk through the issues and generate some recommendations. 

3. Host

Host the meeting, ordering food in advance, and using the structure of the discussion guide to organize the discussion:

  • Use the workbook to guide the discussion, and enter your group's feedback online if at all possible (making it much more efficient for us to compile the data).
  • Complete the sign-in sheet.
  • Decide which topic areas your group wants to discuss. Complete at least one topic area, or as many as you like. 

The key is to have a thoughtful conversation that leads to some consensus about what your group thinks is most essential, and to share ideas on what the policies should say/do. There will be trade-offs; the OCP cannot be everything to everyone. 

4. Submit

Record your group's thoughts and suggestions as clearly as possible, online if at all possible, though paper copies can be submitted. Don't provide too many notes - just the main ideas and recommendations. 

Ensure that the discussion guide has the names and email addresses of all the participants so that everyone can be entered into the grand prize draw for a chance to win a Sea to Sky Gondola Family Season Pass.

Submit your discussion guide online (or by mail, e-mail or in person to Municipal Hall, 37955 Second Avenue, Box 310, Squamish B.C. V8B 0A3). Please also send us your receipt for food, and up to $30 will be reimbursed per group of four or more. The deadline for submissions is May 13, 2016.

View tips for hosting a successful OCPizza Party.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions for additional clarification on hosting an OCPizza Party.

Download a Glossary of Terms included in the Workbooks.

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