OCP Workbooks

Using ideas and input from Phase 1 along with existing plans and strategies, the District has developed a number of early policy directions for topics in 3 main categories. A workbook has been created for each. Click on the links below to download the workbooks.

  • A Growing Squamish: covers topics related to growth management including land use, natural and built environments, resource management, and recreation assets.
  • A Thriving Squamish: covers economic development & employment, affordable housing, education, healthy neighbourhoods, and arts, culture & heritage.
  • A Resilient Squamish: covers climate change, hazard planning, local water/sewer/stormwater systems, transportation, and food systems.

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View the online workbooks here

Download a Glossary of Terms used in the workbooks.


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  • Chessy Knight May 25, 2016

    We are having an OCPizza working group tonight... I am assuming we can still submit comments, even though the deadline was May 16. Is there a way to get the online submission link going again for us, rather than submitting hard copy of our comments? thank you,
    Chessy Knight

    • Communications May 25, 2016

      Hi Chessy,
      Thanks for the note! Please use the following link to submit your feedback directly online:
      We look forward to receiving your input!

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