Tree Management Bylaw & Soils Management Bylaw

trees and soil bylaw4

Tree removal and soil movement are currently regulated under Site Alteration Bylaw No. 1886, 2005.

Improving the management of trees and soils has been identified as a strategic priority in the 2015-2018 Council Strategic Plan (2016 Update), and rewriting the Site Alteration Bylaw has been identified as a strategic action item to be completed by 2018.

The preliminary drafts of the Tree and Soils Bylaws require amendments to related District bylaws. Links to all relevant draft bylaws are noted here:

The objectives of these bylaws are to protect and maintain the integrity of green infrastructure and sensitive ecosystems, and prevent their degradation through the regulation of activities which may impact them.

The new bylaws provide an opportunity to update and improve the tools through which the District regulates trees and soils throughout the community. They also provide clear guidelines and requirements and establish a fee structure and framework to ensure adequate resourcing is in place to administer the bylaw and uphold the standards therein.

On March 7, 2017 staff presented an update to Council on the preliminary draft Tree Management Bylaw and preliminary draft Soils Management Bylaw for discussion and direction.

Public input opportunities

Subsequent to the March 7, 2017 Council update, the District ran various public engagement events as well as an online survey, to seek feedback on the draft bylaws. A substantial amount of feedback was received. Thank you to everyone who provided input. 

Engagement and Feedback Summary

A summary of the feedback received through the various engagement events and opportunities is linked here: Engagement and Feedback Summary

Staff are revising the bylaws to incorporate changes based on the feedback received and will be presenting the bylaws to Council at a future date.

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