Waterfront Landing Park


Waterfront Landing is located on the south east side of the Mamquam Blind Channel, adjacent to Highway 99 on the old Interfor Mill site. A new community park is proposed for Waterfront Landing that includes walkways, lookout points, grassy mounds, play structures as well as natural areas and shoreline restoration.

Protecting and Restoring the Shoreline

The shoreline adjacent to Waterfront Park provides a rich marine and intertidal habitat that supports many species of birds, fish and other wildlife.  A primary goal of the park design is to restore and enrich this environment using Green Shores principles as much as possible (note: this work will be limited to land within the park/development property boundaries and will not extend to the adjacent shoreline area that is Crown land). Previous industrial use has led to some site contamination, and some of the soil and vegetation has been removed. This will be replaced with new soil and replanted with a diverse mix of native vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses) once the park plan is finalized. The extent and types of plantings are under review and will be confirmed in the final park plans. The location and extent of trails and fencing (for example, to direct the public away from environmentally sensitive areas) is also under review.

Park - Next Steps

The park plans will be refined based on input from community and District of Squamish staff. Final plans require a Development Permit to be issued by Council, expected to be considered in early 2020.

How to provide feedback on the park

An Open House, hosted by Bosa Properties was held on November 5, 2018 to share information and get community input on the preliminary plans for the new community park.  The preliminary plans are available in the Development Showcase – select “Associated Files” on page 2 of the Showcase to view the park plans. Any new information, reports or updated plans will also be made available on the Showcase. Comments can be sent to the District through the form on the Development Showcase.  

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

Future phasing of the development includes a proposed pedestrian bridge that connects Downtown to Waterfront Landing at the end of Victoria Street. As part of the approval process for the new bridge, Transport Canada requires public consultation with marine users and the general public. Please refer to this webpage for detailed information on the proposed pedestrian bridge.

Related Works

Work will soon be underway on the Clarke Drive bridge that will provide access to the Waterfront Landing Development and future Waterfront Park. Visit the "Construction Projects" page for traffic impacts.