Waterfront Landing Park

Waterfront Landing is located on the south east side of the Mamquam Blind Channel, adjacent to Highway 99 on the old Interfor Mill site.  A new District-owned community park is being developed at Waterfront Landing that includes walkways, lookout points, and active play areas as well as natural areas and shoreline restoration as illustrated below.

Protecting and Restoring the Shoreline

The shoreline adjacent to Waterfront Park provides a rich marine and intertidal habitat that supports many species of birds, fish and other wildlife.  A primary goal of the park design is to restore and enrich this environment using Green Shores principles as much as possible (note: a portion of the shoreline area is Crown land, outside the park property).  Because of site contamination from previous industrial use, some of the soil and vegetation has been removed and will be replaced with new soil and replanted with a diverse mix of native vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses).  Due to poor health of many trees adjacent to the shoreline, a number require removal prior to park development.  An environmental Development Permit (DP 499) was issued by the District in April 2021 to guide the restoration of the shoreline and lagoon area, featuring extensive native plantings, removal of invasive species and shoreline fencing to protect the restored areas.

Park Design

The conceptual park plan for Waterfront Park is shown below. Some minor changes to the plans are currently being completed to reduce the extent of paved walkways in the upper park area. Click the images below to view full size.

Timing of Park Construction

Park construction is expected to take place from spring 2021 to completion in fall/winter of 2022.  Work in 2021 and early 2022 will include removal of designated vegetation, construction of a new retaining wall adjacent to the lagoon, and placement of new structural fill material in the park. Subsequent work will include construction of pathways and services, park structures.  Planting and final finishing is expected to place in late 2022.



Further Information



If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at planning@squamish.ca  or call 604.815.5017.