Pedestrian Bridge – Mamquam Blind Channel


In 2017, Council approved an amenity for the Waterfront Landing development which will provide broad benefits to the residents of Squamish who live in neighbourhoods at the southern end of town, as well as to Downtown residents and visitors providing access to a new waterfront park. The pedestrian lift bridge will connect both sides of the Mamquam Blind Channel at Victoria Street.

The pedestrian bridge will provide an important active transportation link for residents of Waterfront Landing, Valleycliffe, Hospital Hill, the St'a7mes community, and Downtown Squamish, creating more opportunities to walk and cycle to/from Downtown Squamish and further reduce the reliance on vehicle use. The Corridor Trail connects to the new Clarke Drive bridge west of Highway 99, which will then easily connect to Downtown via this pedestrian bridge.

A new District-owned community park is being developed at Waterfront Landing (by the developer) that includes walkways, lookout points, and active play areas as well as natural areas and shoreline restoration. The pedestrian bridge will also provide a link to this park for Downtown residents as well as visitors, enhancing the overall experience of the downtown waterfront.

Waterfront Landing is a new mixed-use neighbourhood located on the south-east side of the Mamquam Blind Channel, adjacent to Highway 99 on the old Interfor Mill site.


Who will own and operate the bridge?

The pedestrian bridge will be constructed by Bosa Properties and will be owned, maintained and operated by the District of Squamish.

How will the pedestrian bridge operate?

The pedestrian lift bridge must meet the Navigable Waters Bridge Regulations of the Navigation Protection Act and any safety requirements established by Transport Canada or the District of Squamish.  The bridge operation is intended to provide access for marine users on an “as-needed” basis, with some variation in response times and procedures depending on the time of day and season.

Operational features:

The following Operating Parameter terms and conditions, as approved by Transport Canada, will govern initial operation of the bridge:

Operational Topic

Operating Parameter

Summer Operating Season

April 1 – October 31

Winter Operating Season

November 1 – March 31

Summer Operating Times

7 am - 10 pm

Winter Operating Times

8 am - 5:30 pm

Summer Operator Response Time*

10 minutes or less

Winter Operating Response Time*

15 minutes or less

Response times outside of Operating Hours*

30 minutes or less

Cycle time **

Cycle time less than 10 minutes


* Response times refer to the time the bridge tender has to respond to a lift request.

** Cycle time refers to the time it takes to close the pedestrian gates, initiate the lift, allow the vessel to pass, close the lift and close the pedestrian gates.

What safety provisions will be in place? 


In addition to the on-site bridge tender, a number of steps will be in place to address safety:

  • Marine communication protocols will include VHF frequency and cell phone call-in number.
  • Safety gates, sensors, and lights to prevent unauthorized access during lifts.
  • A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system will be established and managed by District staff to track all openings and transit data. This system will provide upstream and downstream views of the channel and pedestrian gates.
What is the approval process?

The pedestrian bridge requires and has received, approval from the Navigation Protection Program of Transport Canada due to the potential impacts on navigation in the Mamquam Blind Channel.

Staff will be presenting the latest design concept to Council in April 2022.

When will the bridge be built?

The developer (Bosa Properties) is required to complete the pedestrian bridge prior to issuance of final Occupancy Permits for Phase 2 of the overall development. Construction of the bridge is currently anticipated to be completed in 2023.

How can I provide feedback on the pedestrian bridge?

Any information related to the pedestrian bridge will be posted on this project page, including technical reports and any updated or revised plans.

Questions can be directed to

Future Waterfront Park

A related amenity proposed as part of the Waterfront Landing development is a linear waterfront park on the Mamquam Blind Channel.  Visit our webpage for information on the Waterfront Park

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