Wayfinding system facts

10 Things you might not know about Squamish’s new wayfinding signs

1. The wayfinding system was designed to bring the Squamish ‘Hardwired for Adventure’ brand to life, and to set Squamish apart as a destination for adventure, recreation, tourism, and business.

2. Phase one of the system has been installed (primarily Downtown). Four more phases over four years will link together the entire community under one wayfinding system.

3. The project budget averages $250,000 per year over five years.

4. Old signs will be removed. The new system will replace and streamline the patchwork of existing signs.

5. The materials chosen are durable and authentic, and will stand up to our typical west coast weather. The corten steel will weather to a deep “rust” colour over time.

6. The signs pay tribute to the Squamish wind. The shapes and contours of the signs reflect the ideas of wind movement, like a sail, and incorporate elements that capture Squamish’s adventurous spirit and outdoor rituals, like rock climbing.

7. The design essence encompasses the Squamish culture and lifestyle. We are active, modern, youthful, innovative and bold.

8. Teal was introduced in the gateway signs as a tribute to the glacial blue of Howe Sound. The system’s colour palette embodies the colours of an expanded Squamish brand palette.

9. The signs incorporate Eye of the Creator carvings to illustrate our past and future, and to acknowledge our proud First Nations heritage.

10. The complete wayfinding system will offer a bold, bright, colourful and distinctly ‘Squamish’ look that will help to visually define our town, better connect our community and make it even easier to navigate Squamish as a destination.

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  • Stacey Tobar Aug 30, 2019, 4:01 PM (3 years ago)

    These are beautiful, thoughtful, and interesting. Well done!

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