The District’s mission includes enhancing the livability of our community, and to do that effectively we need your input. We regularly conduct surveys to collect your feedback and opinions to help shape our decisions. Please weigh in!

Open Surveys: 

  • 55 and Older Recreation Programming Survey

A group of creative Squamish residents, aged 55 and older, have been working together this summer to come up with some big ideas about the future of recreation and culture programming in Squamish. Now, it’s your turn: These creative residents, alongside The District, want to know what you think about their ideas. What is your vision for the future of recreation programming for residents aged 55 and older?

It’s the perfect time to imagine the future of recreation and culture for residents aged 55 and older. The Westwinds building will open in 2022. Alongside Brennan Park Recreation Centre and The 55 Activity Centre, there will soon be three facilities offering recreation and culture programming to residents aged 55 and older. This means there will be more amenities available for all residents and it will also make recreation programming more accessible across our community. 

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  • Squamish Public Spaces Survey

Which public spaces in Squamish do you love and what makes them great? What areas or things could do with some improvement?

The District of Squamish in conjunction with OurSquamish Placemaking Society is inviting your input through a short survey. The goal of the survey is to better understand how people use Squamish's public spaces to determine how they can be improved for the benefit of the whole community.

The survey invites you to drop a pin on a map and then answer a few short questions regarding that place/space.

Thank you for helping inform our future work.

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