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December 11, 2014, 12:30 p.m. - With the ending of Environment Canada’s weather warning for this region, a sigh of relief is palpable across the community as water levels have held steady since early morning December 11, and are now decreasing. Rain will still continue throughout today. The rain will gradually ease later tonight once the system moves out of the region. Read More »

VICTORIA – With increased precipitation levels today, many communities are continuing to face flood impacts while others are beginning to experience it. Preparing for a potential flood, protecting yourself during a flood and getting your home in order after being impacted by a flood can seem overwhelming. Read More »

It's official, Pinkbike, the most popular mountain bike website in the world, has made Squamish its new home. Following several months of working with the District of Squamish Economic Development Department, Pinkbike has opened an office and its owners have purchased a home in downtown Squamish. Pinkbike employs 20 full time people, and over 100 part-time contractors in various roles. The company’s website receives over 73 million page views in a month and is an icon in the mountain bike industry. Read More »

The District of Squamish is actively preparing for the incoming weather event. The Department of Operations is monitoring the dikes and water levels, preparing pumps, as well as stockpiling resources for any localized flooding that may occur. Sandbags are available at the Public Works yard and sand is available up on the entrance to the dike behind the Works yard for those that may be concerned with localized flooding. We will continue to update our communications channels with any new information that becomes available throughout the storm cycle. Read More »

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