Updates to the Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw

In October 2022, the District of Squamish made changes to section 5.14 (Driveways) of the Subdivision and Development Control. These changes affect the number of driveways and location requirements for some types of developments.

Key changes include:

  • Clarity around location and angle in relation to road classification and grades.
  • Driveways accessing a road with a classification higher than local must demonstrate on-site turning manoeuvres of the design vehicle to avoid the need to reverse onto the road.
  • Driveway surfacing within the District road right of way to be asphalt.
  • Changes to the number of driveways and allowable widths for duplex and triplex developments.

Click to access the updated Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw.

See Schedule B, section 5.14.

January 6, 2023

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