Bear's Den

The Squamish Youth Council invites Squamish-based not-for-profit entities to apply for a $10,000 grant for events, programming and/or initiatives that will have a positive and measurable benefit for youth!
Please read before applying:


Judging Process:

Context - About the Squamish Youth Council

Squamish Youth Council is made up of youth age 14-24 who meet monthly to elevate and amplify both dialogue and action related to issues that impact youth. They manage an annual budget for projects and this year have decided to allocate $10,000.00 to a community challenge.

The SYC uses the following guiding principles in day to day operations:

Bring programs to the Youth: youth programs and spaces should be affordable, diverse, inclusive and accessible. 

Partnerships: encourage and facilitate growing positive relationships between community partners and youth.

Youth Voices: Squamish Youth should have the opportunity to participate in the decisions that affect them and their future.

Wellness: The importance of optimizing the mental and physical well being of youth to ensure they can thrive to meet their potential. 

Arts & Culture: Participation and access to arts and culture provides a creative outlet for youth and has mental, emotional, social, spiritual and educational benefits.

Climate Action: The healthy development of our youth and the health of our natural environment are directly related. All youth should have opportunities to connect with the outdoors and contribute to our sustainable future.

The four overarching focus areas of the Squamish Youth Strategy are:

Speak up and Leadership: success is when youth are being heard and they have an impact on decisions that affect their future.

Spaces and Places: Squamish youth have safe spaces in their neighborhoods where they can hang out, play, create, participate, connect and learn without judgment, where they can express themselves honestly and authentically, where there is a sense of connection to themselves, others and their community.

Emerging Adults: Squamish’s emerging adults are prepared, engaged and contributing members of the community, assisting in their transition to adulthood.

Services & Programs: Squamish Youth are able to access physical and mental services and participate in fun, accessible, friendly and inclusive programming.

How to Apply:

The application deadline is February 16, 2023.

There are two ways to apply for the $10,000 Bear's Den grant. 

  1. Apply using the online applications form found below
  2. Download the application and email the completed form to