Business Licence Bylaw Rewrite

The District launched a process in 2015 to replace the existing Business Licence Bylaw which was originally adopted in 1978. It needed to be modernized to reflect the current business environment and the increase in various new forms of businesses. After extensive internal and external consultation the District has developed a new Business Licence Bylaw that will be easier for the community to interpret and staff to administer.  

The new Business Licence Bylaw was adopted July, 5, 2016. View the bylaw.

Mobile Food Vendors/Temporary Commercial Vendors

Notable changes:

  • Can operate on more than one parcel with one licence;
  • No limit on number of total food vendor licences issued:
  • No limit per parcel of land (only Mobile Food Vendors);
  • Zoning:
    • Any zone that permits Retail Store, general Retail Sales or Restaurant use or on other lands for a Special Event with District Approval;
    • Other than on a highway, sidewalk or boulevard providing pedestrian or motor vehicle access;
    • Parkland/Public property with District approval;
    • Cannot locate on sidewalks or the vehicle travel lane of a road;
    • Allowed in parking space of a road.

Home-based Businesses

 Notable changes:

  • Allows for secondary suite and a home-based business at the same residence;
  • Increases size of the home-based business allowance to 37m2;
  • Flat fee = $130.00;
  • Child Care Facility Residential - if more than eight children at facility, neighbours within 100 metres must be notified and a traffic management plan must be provided.

Marijuana Dispensaries

The new Business Licence Bylaw includes regulation of marijuana dispensaries. Read more about applying for a marijuana dispensary business licence


Current Business Licence fees will be maintained for:

  • 4 – Warehousing
  • 5 – Individual Units
  • 6 – Itinerants
  • 7 – Manufacturing
  • Specific businesses (Farmer’s Market, Portable Food Vendors, Special Event Food Vendors and Temporary Commercial Vendors)

A location-based fee structure will be applied for remaining businesses:

Business licence fees for website