Land Development Procedures Bylaw Update

The Land Development Procedures Bylaw was adopted in April 2019.

The District of Squamish is updating its Land Development Procedures Bylaw. Proposed Land Development Procedures Amendment Bylaw 2632, 2018 aligns the District’s land development application procedures with the newly adopted Squamish2040 Official Community Plan (OCP). Procedural amendments are necessary to align with the OCP’s new Development Permit Area (DPA) designations, and Development Approval Information Areas (DAIA). In identified DAIAs, applicants for zoning amendments, development permits or temporary use permits may be required to provide additional information pertaining to flood and debris flow hazards, geotechnical hazards, natural environment, railway proximity, Downtown viewscape and solar impacts, and traffic impacts.

Other amendments include adjustments to delegated permit approvals (certain Development Permits, Temporary Use Permits) as well as new proposed staff delegation of responses to provincial cannabis licence referrals, that would allow the Director of Community Planning to provide referral comments and recommendations to the Province in accordance with provincial licensing regulations process and procedures.

In addition, companion housekeeping amendments to Schedule 13 of the Fees and Charges Bylaw 2012, 2007 are also proposed. Proposed Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw 2665, 2019 includes several modest application fee adjustments to reflect the required staff resourcing involved in application review and processing for sufficient cost-recovery.

View the Draft Bylaws:

Proposed Bylaw 2632 and companion fees amendments were presented to Council Committee of the Whole on February 26, 2019 (see staff report for detailed background). On March 5, 2019, Council directed staff to bring forward updated bylaws for consideration of formal bylaw readings. Both bylaws are scheduled for consideration at Council’s Regular meeting on Tuesday April 16, 2019.

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