Landfill Vertical Expansion Project

The District is undertaking a two-phased project to extend the lifespan of the Squamish Landfill by vertically expanding it with a 10-metre wall built around the south end. The project is expected to increase the landfill lifespan by between five and ten years, depending on the amount of waste Squamish produces.

Phase 1: May to July 2017 (Complete)

  • Construction of lower berm which consisted of a lower buttress toe berm; supporting a new access road; installing surface water swales and piping networks for the east and west side berms.

Phase 2: Mid-September 2017 to September 2018

  • The first seven metres of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall is being constructed around the south perimeter of the Landfill. The wall will be 10-metres high by 500 metres wide.


Landfill operations have not been impacted by construction, and hours of operation remain the same. Increased heavy truck traffic is expected as construction continues. The public is being asked to use caution in the area and be aware of large trucks moving throughout the site.

Project Cost: 

The budgeted project cost for 2017 was $2,453,250 and is being funded by revenue generated from landfill tipping and collection fees.


The final section of the 10-metre high wall is expected to be complete in 2019. 

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