Solid Waste - Technical Guidelines for Waste Rooms

Waste room


The Technical Guidelines for Waste Rooms was endorsed by Council on November 17, 2020 and can be found on the Application Guides, Forms and Resources page.

The District of Squamish's solid waste management goals are outlined in the 2019 to 2022 Council Strategic Plan, the Zero Waste Strategy (2016), and the District of Squamish Official Community Plan (2017, s. 21.9). These goals include:

  • Increasing the diversion rate of waste from landfill to 80% and reduce per capita landfill waste to 300kg by 2021;
  • Promoting waste management leadership;
  • Maintaining Bear Smart status; and,
  • Developing a culture of waste minimization.

The District’s Development Permit Area guidelines require that new multi-unit, industrial, and commercial developments develop centralized, communal waste rooms that are designed to the specifications outlined in the Technical Guidelines (OCP, DPA 3, Section 36.7 (a)(d)).

The District of Squamish has developed Technical Guidelines for Waste Rooms that will help developers, owners, and architects plan for communal waste rooms in new commercial, industrial, and multi-unit developments. These guidelines will ensure that new waste rooms are are:

  • Accessible by both waste removal vehicles and tenants;
  • Adequately sized for the range of waste disposal needs (garbage, recycling, food scraps, etc); and,
  • Designed to reduce the number of wildlife conflicts.


Staff received feedback on the draft Technical Guidelines for Waste Room through September 18, 2020, and the guidelines document will become final by the end of the year.   



Questions regarding the guidelines can be directed to