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Squamish Recreation Services has updated its summer schedule to prioritize community demand and current pool use. View the Summer Schedule details below.

Summer Schedule

Squamish Recreation & Culture schedules the Brennan Park Recreation Centre pool based on safety guidelines and to accommodate the diverse needs of our community.

This summer, we prioritize different needs at different times for all ages and interests knowing that demand for pool access is at an all time high.

Our 2022 Summer Schedule offers opportunities to many different groups based on current staffing levels.

  • Weekday Early Bird (6-8 a.m.) – Swim Club & Lane Swim
  • Weekday Mornings – Swim Lessons
  • Weekday Mid-Afternoon – Public Swim & Lane Swim
  • Weekday Late-Afternoon – Swim Lesson and Swim Club
  • Weekday Evenings – Public Swim & Lane Swim
  • Weekends – Public Swim

The provincial shortage of Lifeguards and Swim Instructors impacts our ability to have as many people in the pool at one time as we did in the past. Once the Lifeguard to Patron ratio is reached, a wait time of up to 90 minutes could be expected (see “Lifeguard Swimmer Ratios” below).

Squamish Recreation Services offers all the courses you need to become certified to build our local base of Lifeguards. If you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to reach out. Ask any of our amazing Lifeguards about it on your next visit.

Pool Activity Descriptions

Pool capacity limits may incur wait times. Details below.

The following descriptions and schedule are best viewed in landscape mode on mobile devices.

Adult Swim - 16y+

A casual time for adults 16y+ to swim lengths, use the diving board or relax in the hot tub, warm pool and steam room.


All fitness levels welcome. Exercises can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity based on individual fitness levels.

Lane Swim

The minimum # of lanes available for length swimming at any given time is indicated as Lane Swim (1) or Lane Swim (2). If the pool is quieter than normal, additional lanes may be available.

No Public Access

No drop in admissions. Only registered program participants and user groups able to use the facility.

Public Swim

The Main Pool, including the beach area and diving board, as well as the hot tub, the steam room and the warm pool are available for families to play in.

Public Swim - 1/2 Pool

Half of the Main Pool, including the beach area and diving board, as well as the hot tub, the steam room and the warm pool are available for families to play in.

Limited Pool Space

Up to 2 lanes of the Main Pool, the beach area, the warm pool, the hot tub and the steam room are available for families to play in. The diving board is not available during these times.

Limited Pool Space - Small Pools Only

The warm pool, the hot tub and the steam room are available for public use. The entire Main Pool, including the beach area, is being used by swim lessons and swim clubs. 

Pool Events

Lifeguard Swimmer Ratios

The District of Squamish adheres to capacity limits and Lifeguard-swimmer ratios set by Lifesaving Society Canada in order to maintain a safe level of supervision at the Brennan Park Aquatic Centre. Lifeguard ratios are determined by water surface areas and the number of recreational swimmers so that Lifeguards can supervise all areas of the pool that are accessible to bathers/swimmers during recreational swim periods.

Lifesaving Society Canada’s National Safety Standards are developed using Coroners’ recommendations, the latest evidence-based research, and reflect the aquatic industry’s best practices to prevent drownings and aquatic-related injuries in aquatic environments. The ratio of one Lifeguard for every 50 patrons (1:50) is the ratio determined by the Health Act.

Squamish Recreation Services offers Lifeguard certification programs to ensure local access to a qualified, consistent Lifeguard base necessary in order maintain the minimum 1:50 Lifeguard to bather requirement. To learn more contact our Customer Service team at 604.898.3604.

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