Mayor's Monthly Meetings

Here, you will find details of previous meetings and events hosted or attended by Mayor Karen Elliott. This list includes meetings with businesses, schools or groups, media and community events.

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  • January
    January 2    RCMP Monthly Meeting
      Squamish Transit Drivers
    January 3   CBC Interview- BC  Assessment
    January 7   Mountain FM- Mayoral  Monday on the Morning Show
    January 8 Martin Ebadi DIBA Management Corp
    January 9    Diana Gunstone Volunteer Week
    Jaye Russell Sea to Sky Community Services
    K. Germyn Youth Services discussion
      Chamber of Commerce
    January 10   Squamish Nation Breakfast
    January 17    LMLGA Newly Elected Officials Seminar
      Under one Roof Community Advisory Committee launch
    January 22 Justin McElroy CBC Interview
    January 23     Helen Beynon SORCA
    Chris Green and Emma Moses Squamish Minor Hockey
    Kevin Shoemaker Polygon
      Annual Chamber of Commerce Mayor's Luncheon
     Pam Goldsmith-Jones  MP
     January 24   Greg Moore  Avery Development 
     Zoe Blue  Quest Sustainability Summit
     January 28    Karin Olson  Vancouver Coastal Health
     Cydney Lyons/Tamara Stanners  Arts Council and Constellation Festival
     January 30    SLRD Board Meeting
     January 31     SLRD CoW
     Stacy Thomas  Interview- article about leadership and women
  • February
    February 1 Community Forest Board Meeting   
    February 4 Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM  
    February 5  District Facilities Tour #2  
    RCMP Strategic Planning Session  
    February 6  RCMP Monthly Meeting  
    Community Christmas Care Darcy Reimer
    February 7 Squamish River Waterhed Society Meeting
    Central Estuary Restoration Project
    February 8 Interview re: Constellation Festival Stacy Thomas
    February 13    EV Charging Infrastructure Maxime Charron
    Squamish Terminals Kim Stegeman 
    Monthly meeting with Chamber of Commerce  
    BC Easter Seals Charlene Krepiakevich and Bruce Kirk
    February 14  Squamish Nation Breakfast meeting  
    Vancouver Pacific Development Corporation Doug Wark/Larry Sunderland
    February 19 Speak at Stepping into Leadership   
    February 20   Howe Sound Women’s Centre Askley Oakes
    Land Sea Camps Mike Coyne
    Budget and Strategy Plan Public Input Meeting  
    February 21 Quest University Sustainability Summit    
    February 22 Chamber of Commerce event - Adventure Centre  
    February 26 Student Sustainability Researcher - Quest University Samantha Leigh
    February 27 SLRD Board Meeting  
    February 28 SLRD Committee of the Whole meeting  
  • March
    March 1 Community Forest Board Meeting  Gauustees
    March 4 Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM  
    March 6 Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reef
    Conservation Initiative Announcement 
    March 7 Holborn Group Jonathan Cooper
    March 8 Mountain FM Studio Darren
    March 11 Trails Meg Fellowes
    March 13 Apadana Wellness Centre Hossein Lofti
    March 14 Squamish River Watershed Society -
    Central Estuary Restoration Project Working Group Meeting 
    March 15 Squamish Territory Leadership Forum  
    March 17 Nor Am Ski Jumping Event  
    March 18 Visit to Quest University - Democracy and Justice Eric Gorham
    March 20 SLRD Board Meeting  
    March 21 BC Greens Liz Lilly, Stefan Jonsson
    March 28 Squamish Nation Breakfast Meeting