Mayor's Monthly Meetings

Here, you will find details of previous meetings and events hosted or attended by Mayor Karen Elliott. This list includes meetings with businesses, schools or groups, media and community events.

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  • January
    January 6   Mayoral Monday, Mountain FM  
    January 8 Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting  
    January 9 John Matthews, Newport Developments  
    Mayor Booth and Mayor Buchanan  
    January 10 Minna Koskela-Wild, World Ocean Day  
    Diana Gunstone, Non Profit Network  
    January 15 Kirby Brown, Tourism Squamish  
    January 16 Budget 2020 Public Information Meeting  
    January 20 John Jervis  
    January 23 Greg Moore  
    Mayors Youth Council, Quest University  
    January 25 Robert Burn Night Dinner  
    January 30 BC Transit Board meeting  
    Crisis Case Study, Sea to Sky Gondola  
  • February
    February 3    George Iwama, Quest University   
    Hearts in the Ice Presentation, ,Garibaldi Highlands Elementary  
    Community Climate Action Plan Open House  
    February 6  Annual Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s Lunch  
    February 7    Hearts in the Ice Presentation – Coast Mountain Academy  
     Sarah Tipler  
    February 12 - 13  Globe Forum, Vancouver  
    February 14 Sea to Sky Gondola Re-Opening  
    February 18 Tracey Saxby, My Sea to Sky  
    February 19 Mike Vancapelle, Blue Water Concepts  
    Greg Gardner  
    Kathleen van der Ree, Squamish Rotary  
    February 20 Capilano University Roundtable Discussion  
    February 21 Quest University, Speaking Engagement  
    Toronto Star, Interview  
    CBC, Interview  
    February 24 Breakfast Meeting with Squamish Nation  
    RCMP Monthly meeting  
    February 25 Sea to Sky Regional Transit Meeting  
    February 28 Central Estuary Restoration Project Working Group  
  • March
    March 3 My Sea to Sky  Katie Perkins, Isabelle Holmes
    World Oceans Day  Minna Koskela-Wild
    Brackendale Holdings  Talib and Julie Jiwani
    March 4 IAFF Union  Kyle Derksen
    Mayor's Drop In  
    March 5 Mountain FM Morning Show  
    Newport Developments  John Matthews
    Sea to Sky Community Services Employee Summit  
    Squamish Mothers in Business Panel  
    March 6 Diamond Head Land Company/Fast Properties  Amy Fast, Bob Fast and Michael Hutchinson
    March 11 Chamber of Commerce Monthly meeting  
    Bosa Properties  Brendan Yee and Wayne Vickers
    March 12 Howe Sound Women's Centre *  Ashley Oakes 
    March 13 My Sea to Sky *  Tracey Saxby
    West Urban Developments *  Monique Hebert re DP 509
    Vancouver Coastal Health * Dr. Geoff McKee
    March 16 Squamish Nation Meeting *  
    March 17 Re: World Ocean's Day * Amy Libenberg and Minna Koskela-Wild
    Conference Call re: Covid-19 * Minister Dix and Dr. Bonny Henry
    March 19 Mountain FM Morning Show  
    Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Update *  
    March 23 Covid-19 Update all mayors and regional district chairs *  Minister Farnworth and Minister Robinson Covid 19 update
    VCH Coastal region mayors and chairs *  Karin Olsen, Vancouver Coastal Health
    Eighth Avenue Developments *  Peter Annable, Ed Kolic, Karen McDonald, Brian Cott
      MP Patrick Weiler and MLA Jordan Sturdy
    March 25 Woodfibre LNG *  David Keane
    March 26   MP Patrick Weiler and MLA Jordan Sturdy *
    March 31 Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting *   

    * Meeting held by conference call

  • April
    April 1 RCMP Monthly Meeting
    April 2 Minister Robinson
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP  
    April 6 Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP  
    April 8 Darcy Bloom and Tyler Jordan  
    CBC Live Interview  
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP  
    April 15 BC Hydro  
    April 16 Intsagram Youth Conference on Covid-19  
    April 17 Jill Bennett Interview with CKNW  
    April 20 Squamish Nation Conference Call  
    April 24 Howe Sound Forum  
    April 29 Lesley Weeks- Tourism Squamish  

    All meetings held virtually.

  • May
    May 4 Mountain FM - Mayoral Monday
    May 5 Mayor's Roundtable Conference Call
    May 7 Virginia Cullen, Whistler CAO  
    Hearts in the Ice with Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm  
    Conference call with Minister Robinson  
    Meeting with representatives from the Forest Industry  
    Geothermal Potential Research at Mount Meager Open House  
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP  
    May 8 World Oceans Day discussion with Minna Koskela-Wild  
    Vancouver Coastal Health update call  
    May 11 Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP  
    May 13 Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting  
    Squamish Helping Hands - Maureen Mackell  
    Podcast discussion with Mayor Jack Crompton
    May 14 BC Transit Board Call
    Conference call with Minister Robinson
    Meeting with Kevin McLane
    Phone call with Asst. Deputy Minster Standen
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    May 15 Minister Trevena Covid Update re: transit
    May 20 Lieven Callewaert Re: economic and community development
    May 21 Squamish Rotary Speaking Event
    Conference call with Minister Robinson Re: Covid Update
    Ruth Simons Re: Unesco Biosphere
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    May 22 Vancouver Coastal Health update call
    May 25 Monthly meeting with RCMP
    Call with BC Housing and Squamish Helping Hands regarding housing in Squamish
    May 27 SLRD Board Meeting
    Climate Lecture Series with Ian Picketts
    May 28 BC Transit Board meeting
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    May 29 Ruth Simons Re: Unesco Biosphere

    All meetings held virtually.

  • June
    June 1  Mountain FM - Mayoral Monday
    SLRD Board Meeting
    June 2  UBCM discussion on Transit
    Meeting with Rev. Gutjahr
    June 3  Mayor's Virtual Drop In
    Stephen Sidwell, Gregor Robertson re: Nexii update
    June 4   Ruth Simons re: Biosphere Reserve update
    Conference call with Minister Robinson
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    June 8  World Oceans Day Virtual Event
    SLRD meeting
    June 9 BC Housing and Helping Hands re: Supportive Housing
    June 10    Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting
    Call with Minister Beare
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    Climate Lecture Series with Ian Picketts
    June 11   Carbon Engineering Groundbreaking
    Heather Mann, Nik Gottlieb and Daphnee Tuzlak Re: draft proposal around sustainable and just COVID Recovery
    Tourism Industry Impacts - Townhall with MLA Sturdy and Caucus
    June 12  Affordable Housing discussion with BC Housing
    Howe Sound Secondary Commencement Speech recording
    June 15  Squamish Nation Breakfast Meeting
    Meeting with IAFF Union
    June 17 Economic Leadership Team pre-meeting update
    June 18  Virtual Info-session: Preventing and Responding to Labor Trafficking and Labor Exploitation
    Jordan Sturdy, MLA and Patrick Weiler, MP
    June 19  Mayor For a Day visit with Winners
    Lieven Callewaert re: regenerative communities
    June 22  RCMP Monthly Meeting
    Andrew Wilson phone call re: off leash dog solutions
    June 24 SLRD Board Meeting
    June 25 SLRD interviews for new CAO
    June 26 SLRD interviews for new CAO
    June 29 Squamish Economic Leadership Team Inaugural Meeting
      Call with David Keane re: WLNG

    All meetings held virtually.

  • July
    July 2    Michael Hutchison, Hutchison Group
    Isaac Bell Anthem Properties
    North Sea to Sky Update meeting with MLA and MP 
    July 3    ICIP Federal Funding Announcement 
    July 6   Mountain FM – Mayoral Monday
    Union Executive Meeting, CUPE
    Minister Robinson COVID-19 Update Call
    July 8     Chamber of Commerce – monthly meeting
    July 9   Whistler FM interview
    Gift card delivery to winner of the Mayor for a Day online quiz
    Mayor’s Drop-in – in the Park
    Jaye Russell, Sea to Sky Community Services
    North Sea to Sky Update meeting with MLA and MP
    July 10    Community Forest Board Meeting
    July 13   Phone call – MP Patrick Weiler
    Library Board - G. McRadu and D. Gayton
    July 16   Moe Sihota, Lobbyist WLNG
    Carol Coffey, Squamish Community Foundation
    North Sea to Sky Update meeting with MLA and MP
    July 20   Squamish Nation/ District Breakfast Meeting
    July 22   Radio Canada – Interview
    SLRD Board Meeting
    Global News – Interview
    July 24   Community Foundation - Darren Roberts, Pam Duynstee, Rob MacLeod, Doug Hackett, Rob Weys, Jill Carter
    Meeting with MP Patrick Weiler
    July 27   Gord Schoberg and Vanessa Connelly, Fortis BC
    RCMP/ District monthly meeting
    WLNG – David Keane
    July 30   Sea to Sky Update Call – Call with MP/MLA and Mayors
  • August
    August 14    George Iwama, Quest University
    Community Conversation Project Kick Off Meeting
    August 17   Rodney Wilson, WLF Strategic Advisors
    August 18   Community Conversation Project Meeting
    August 31   Pride Flag Raising Ceremony
  • September
    September 9    Chamber of Commerce – monthly meeting
    September 10   Squamish Economic Partner Forum
    September 11   Corridor Mayor’s Lunch – Mayor Crompton and Mayor Richman
    September 14   Global News - Interview
      UBCM Meeting  - BC Hydro
      CKNW Radio - Interview
      CBC Radio - Interview
      BCIT News - Interview
      National Post - Interview
      On The Coast CBC – live Interview
    September 15   Breakfast TV - Interview
      UBCM Minister Meeting –Minister George Heyman
    September 16   Energy Sector Breakfast
      BC Transit Board Meeting
      Mayor’s Drop in – U Siyam Pavilion
    September 17   BC Transit Board Meeting
      UBCM Minister Meeting –Minister Mike Farnworth
      SLRD Minister Meeting - Minister George Heyman
    September 18   UBCM Minister meeting - Minister Bruce Ralston
      Vancouver Coastal Health Covid 19 Update
      Jaye Russell – Sea to Sky Community Services
      Woodfibre LNG/Fortis workforce accommodations – Mike Coyne
      UBCM Minister meeting –Minister  Claire Trevena
    September 21-25   UBCM 2020 Convention
    September 24   Call with MP Weiler and Sea to Sky Mayors – Covid 19 update
    September 28   Diana Gunstone – United Way
      John Matthews – Cornerstone Developments
    September 29   Christine McLeod - Stepping into Leadership Group
    September 30    Michelle Nahanee – Actioning United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Workshop
      RCMP Monthly meeting
      Vancouver Coastal Health Covid-19 Update


  • January
    January 2    RCMP Monthly Meeting
      Squamish Transit Drivers
    January 3   CBC Interview- BC  Assessment
    January 7   Mountain FM- Mayoral  Monday on the Morning Show
    January 8 Martin Ebadi DIBA Management Corp
    January 9    Diana Gunstone Volunteer Week
    Jaye Russell Sea to Sky Community Services
    K. Germyn Youth Services discussion
      Chamber of Commerce
    January 10   Squamish Nation Breakfast
    January 17    LMLGA Newly Elected Officials Seminar
      Under one Roof Community Advisory Committee launch
    January 22 Justin McElroy CBC Interview
    January 23     Helen Beynon SORCA
    Chris Green and Emma Moses Squamish Minor Hockey
    Kevin Shoemaker Polygon
      Annual Chamber of Commerce Mayor's Luncheon
     Pam Goldsmith-Jones  MP
     January 24   Greg Moore  Avery Development 
     Zoe Blue  Quest Sustainability Summit
     January 28    Karin Olson  Vancouver Coastal Health
     Cydney Lyons/Tamara Stanners  Arts Council and Constellation Festival
     January 30    SLRD Board Meeting
     January 31     SLRD CoW
     Stacy Thomas  Interview- article about leadership and women
  • February
    February 1 Community Forest Board Meeting   
    February 4 Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM  
    February 5  District Facilities Tour #2  
    RCMP Strategic Planning Session  
    February 6  RCMP Monthly Meeting  
    Community Christmas Care Darcy Reimer
    February 7 Squamish River Waterhed Society Meeting
    Central Estuary Restoration Project
    February 8 Interview re: Constellation Festival Stacy Thomas
    February 13    EV Charging Infrastructure Maxime Charron
    Squamish Terminals Kim Stegeman 
    Monthly meeting with Chamber of Commerce  
    BC Easter Seals Charlene Krepiakevich and Bruce Kirk
    February 14  Squamish Nation Breakfast meeting  
    Vancouver Pacific Development Corporation Doug Wark/Larry Sunderland
    February 19 Speak at Stepping into Leadership   
    February 20   Howe Sound Women’s Centre Askley Oakes
    Land Sea Camps Mike Coyne
    Budget and Strategy Plan Public Input Meeting  
    February 21 Quest University Sustainability Summit    
    February 22 Chamber of Commerce event - Adventure Centre  
    February 26 Student Sustainability Researcher - Quest University Samantha Leigh
    February 27 SLRD Board Meeting  
    February 28 SLRD Committee of the Whole meeting  
  • March
    March 1 Community Forest Board Meeting  Gauustees
    March 4 Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM  
    March 6 Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reef
    Conservation Initiative Announcement 
    March 7 Holborn Group Jonathan Cooper
    March 8 Mountain FM Studio Darren
    March 11 Trails Meg Fellowes
    March 13 Apadana Wellness Centre Hossein Lofti
    March 14 Squamish River Watershed Society -
    Central Estuary Restoration Project Working Group Meeting 
    March 15 Squamish Territory Leadership Forum  
    March 17 Nor Am Ski Jumping Event  
    March 18 Visit to Quest University - Democracy and Justice Eric Gorham
    March 20 SLRD Board Meeting  
    March 21 BC Greens Liz Lilly, Stefan Jonsson
    March 28 Squamish Nation Breakfast Meeting  
  • April
    April 1   Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM
      BC Mayors Caucus - Prince George
    April 2   BC Mayors Caucus - Prince George
    April 3   Provincial Environmental Assessment Stakeholder Meeting
    April 5   Mayors Drop-In
    Greg Moore,
    Laurie Schmidt
    Avery Developments
    April 7   Cheakamus Centre - Potlatch as Methodology Lecture
      Squamish Minor hockey end of the season awards ceremony
    April 8   Squamish RCMP Volunteer Appreciation Event
    April 10   Monthly meeting with the Chamber of Commerce
    Askley Oakes Howe Sound Women Centre
      Squamish Climate Action Network (Event)
    April 12 Jeff Fisher Community Forest Update
    April 15 Toran Savjord Capilano University
      RCMP Monthly Meeting
    April 17   SLRD Strategic Planning
    April 18   SLRD Strategic Planning
    April 24   SLRD Board Meeting
    April 25   SLRD COW Meeting
    April 27   Valleycliffe Elementary School; Valleycliffe Elementary
    Living Classroom Presents: Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Traditional
    Plant Discovery Trail (Event)
    April 28   Day of Mourning Ceremony
    April 29   Library Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
    April 30 Allie Meeres,
    David Keane
      Stepping into Leadership Cohort
      Meeting with Jon Hewitt
      Seniors Dinner - The Manor
  • May
    May 1 Glenne Campbell Brackendale Fall Fair
      Mayors Drop-In
      Global BC Interview
      Public Art Select Committee Meeting
    May 2   Quest Graduates' Keystone Presentations
    Quest University
    Ben Reeder Back Country Brewing
      Short Term Rentals Open House
    Adventure Centre
      Mayors Roundtable Meeting
    May 3   VCH Sea to Sky Local Governance
    Liason Meeting
    Minister Robinson BC Housing Event
    May 6   Mayoral Monday - Mountain FM
    Emily Kalil Camp Summit Interview
      Youth Awards Night - The 55 Activity Centre
    May 8   PIBC Award for Excellence in Policy Planning -
    Squamish OCP
    May 9   LMLGA Conference
    May 10   LMLGA Conference
    May 13   Chief Story - Dike Progress
    Fisherman's Park/Project site
    May 14   Provincial Environmental Assessment
    Stakeholders Meeting
    May 15   Carbon Engineering Meeting
    May 16   Capilano University Re: 2030 Plan
      Sea to Sky Healthy Communities Congress
      Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards
    Quest University
    May 21 Mia Gordon Weather Network Interview
    May 22   SLRD Board Meeting
    May 23   Governing in the Public Interest: Foundational
    Training for Public Sector Board Members
      Public Works Day - Public Works
    May 24   Mayor for a Day Festivities
      Students Strike for Climate Action
    May 27 Robin Sherry Squamish Canyon Project
    May 29   Provincial Environmental Assessment
    Stakeholders Meeting
    May 30   BC Transit Board of Directors Meeting
    May 31   Rural Site Visits Project -
    Rural Coordination Center of BC
      RCMP Ride-Along
  • June
    June 5  Brendan Yee and
    Wayne Vickers
    Bosa Meeting
      Council to Council Meeting - Squamish Nation
    June 6   Mayors Drop-In
    June 7    Jordan Municipal Support Project Visit
      World Ocean Day - Mamquam Elementary
    June 10 Kim Armour, Chessy Knight,
    and Edith Tobe
    Squamish Estuary Management Committee
    June 11  Brent Carlson Anthem Properties
      Squamish Non-Profit Network Meeting
    June 12   Provincial Environmental Assessment
    Stakeholder Meeting
    June 13    Squamish Nation Breakfast
    Don Ross Middle
    School Students
    Toonie for a Turtle
    June 14    Squamish Nation/RCMP/District Canoe Paddling
      Howe Sound Secondary School Commencement
    June 17   Jerry Muir BC Hydro Meeting
      Blueshore Financial
    Minna Koskela Wild Ocean Commitments
    June 19   Downtown Business Improvement Association
    Annual General Meeting
    June 20  David Earhart Wedgewood Development SLRD
      Global News - Focus BC
    June 21   Paul Dangerfield
  • July
    July 1   Canada Day Opening Ceremony
    July 3   IAFF Union Executive Meeting
    Kirby Brown Sea to Sky Gondola
      Mayor's Drop-in
    July 5   Visit with Northern Yukon Abroad Students
      CUPE Union Executive Meeting
    July 9   Mayoral Monday – Mountain FM
      Economic Development Meeting
    July 10   Global News
      Sea to Sky Nordics
      Monthly meeting with Chamber of Commerce
    July 11   Environmental Assessment Stakeholder Implementation Committee
    July 15   Anna and Mike DiTommaso
      Mike Bosa, Solterra Developments
    July 16   Sunniva Sorby – Hearts in the Ice
    July 17   Gord Schoberg – FortisBC
      Edward Archibald, Downtown BIA
      Phone call: Kevin Cormack Re: Regional Transit
      Blue Heron Property and Anthony Mark
      Phone call: David Keane, WLNG
    July 18   Mike Howard, Re: Short term rentals
      Joshua Viner re: Short Term-Rental
      Youth Climate Action Committee
    July 19   Phone conference: Regional Transit
      Interview: Globe & Mail
  • August
    August 4   Squamish Days Parade
      Loggers Sports Show
    August 11   Global BC
      Global BC, CTV, and CBC
      CTV News Network
    August 12   CBC Early Edition. News 1130
      BC Transit Board Orientation
      CTV News
    August 13   Climate Caucus Summit
    August 14   Heather Mann
    August 15   Japanese Student Visit
      Minister Cameron Gutjahr – St. John the Divine Anglican Church
    August 16   Gord Schoberg – Fortis BC
      BC Wood Magazine
      Helping Hands Community BBQ
    August 29   Library Awards Ceremony
      Mike Bosa, Solterra Developments
    August 30   TransLink 2050 Meeting
  • September
    September 9   Pride Flag Raising
      Squamish Arts Council
      Maureen Mackell, Squamish Helping Hands
      Usman Valiante, SORCA
    September 10-18   Hearts In Ice Trip to Svalbard
    September 20   Ellen Flournoy, Quest University
    September 23-27   UBCM Convention
    September 23   NEXII
      Walter Merida, UBC
    September 24   AirBnB meeting
    September 28   Squamish Minor Hockey Puck Drop
    September 30   Dana Taylor
  • October
    October 1  Environmental Assessment Office Indigenous Implementation Committee meeting  
    October 2  Environmental Assessment Office Stakeholder Meeting  
    October 3  Quarterly meeting: CUPE  
     Sea to Sky Municipal Update for Realtors  
     BCIT Tourism Students Talk  
    October 5 Stroller Brigade  
    October 7  Mayoral Monday – Mountain FM  
    Kimberly Armour/Edith Tobe Central Estuary Restoration Project  
    Minna Koskela-Wild, World Ocean’s Day  
    Kathleen van der Ree – Northyards Cider Co.  
    October 9 Chamber of Commerce  
    Brian Moorhead – Squamish Access Society  
    Mayor’s Drop-In  
    October 10 Quarterly Meeting: IAFF  
    Kent Proctor – Fisher Coating  
    October 11 Squamish Canyon Site Visit  
    October 15 Hearts in the Ice – Mamquam Elementary  
    October 17 Environmental Assessment Office Stakeholder Meeting  
    Quest University Lecture:
    Mt. Meager Volcanic Complex
    October 21 Tamara Stanners – Constellation Festival Planning  
    Geoff Park – Coast Mountain Academy  
    Diana Gunstone, Non Profit Network  
    October 24 Southern Tour of SLRD  
    October 25 Howe Sound Community Forum  
    October 26 Caitlin MacDonell, Squamish Access Society  
    Repair Café – Brennan Park  
    October 28 Phone Call – Karin Olson, Vancouver Coastal Health  
    John Matthews, Newport Developments  
    Hearts in the Ice - Brackendale Elementary  
    Hearts in the Ice - Mamquam Elementary  
    October 29 Hearts in the Ice - Brackendale Elementary  
    Aida Eloisa  
    Global News Interview  
    October 30 Squamish Windsports Society  
    Sal Toosi – Realtor  
    October 31 Deb McQueen  
    Anne Marie McKenzie and Diana Gunstone, Non Profit Network  
  • November
    November 3 BCEDA Minister’s Dinner  
    November 4 Environmental Assessment Office Indigenous Implementation Committee Meeting  
    November 5 Pam Gilatis and Diana Gunstone, Non Profit Network  
    Wayne Vickers  
    November 6   Jaye Russell, Sea to Sky Community Services  
    Steve Best and Richard Avedon-Savage
    Squamish Paddling Club
    Mayor’s Drop-In  
     Interview – Radio Canada  
     Youth Strategy Dialogue – Quest University  
     November 7   Bill Cavanaugh  
     Ann Marie MacKenzie and Carol Coffey, Squamish Community Foundation  
    November 8 Howe Sound Secondary Remembrance Day Ceremony – Howe Sound Secondary  
    Passive house tour  
    November 9 Squamish EagleWatch Volunteer Interpreter Program Opening Ceremony – Brackendale Dike  
    November 11 Community Remembrance Day Service  
    November 13 RCMP Monthly Meeting  
    Chamber of Commerce Monthly meeting  
    Mike Buda, Translink  
    November 14 Environmental Assessment Office Stakeholder Implementation Committee meeting  
    Squamish Nation Breakfast  
    November 15 Hearts in the Ice – Squamish Montessori  
    Conference Call: Clare Demeres and Stewart Elgie  
    November 16 Fraser Basin Council Youth Cohort  
    November 19 Brent Carlson – Anthem Properties  
    November 20 Mike Coyne – LandSea  
    Jeff Norman, SORCA  
    November 23 Child Care Open House – Brennan Park  
    Squamish Nation Pow Wow  
    November 29 Patrick Weiler  
    Skype Call: EA Act Implementation  
    November 30 Santa Claus Parade  
  • December
    December 2  Mayoral Monday – Mountain FM  
    December 3  RCMP Mayor’s Forum  
    December 4   Mayor’s Drop-In  
     Robert Goluch – Men’s Shed  
    December 5  Eagle Viewing Dike Open House –
    Adventure Centre
    December 7 Tarsemhouse Open House – Aspen Rd.  
    December 11 Environmental Assessment Office Stakeholder Implementation Committee meeting  
    Squamish Sustainability Networking Event  
    December 12 Kevin Shoemaker, Polygon  
    Babak Nikbakhtan Lexi Group  
    Sarah Strother, Squamish Chief  
    December 13 Squamish Library Breakfast  
    December 16 Tim Hope and Norman Laube – Whistler Sport Legacies  
    December 18 & 19 SLRD Board Meeting  
    December 21 SRWS – Salmon Solstice Walk and Talk