What regulations do Bylaw Officers enforce?

Some complaints are easily remedied while others, like unsightly or untidy properties, often take more time as we work with the property owner to rectify any issues. When submitting an unsightly premises complaint, you may be asked for a statement to articulate the unsightliness of the property as well as your relationship to the offending property. You may be asked to complete a “noise log” when submitting a noise complaint. That log is your documentation of the disturbance and may be required as evidence for court or adjudication purposes should the Bylaw Officer or RCMP member be unable to substantiate that a violation occurred without it. This is a legal document that Officers submit on your behalf should a ticket or fine be disputed in court or at a hearing. 

For inquiries, inspections or permits with respect to Building, Signs, Development Permits, Site Alteration & Permits, Watercourse Regulations or Zoning, please contact Building Services at 604.815.5002.

Wildlife Attractants

Failure to manage waste, and attracting dangerous wildlife into our neighbourhoods violates the District of Squamish Wildlife Attractant Bylaw. To report a Wildlife Attractant Bylaw infraction, please call 604.815.5067.

For wildlife sightings and encounters, please call the Conservation Officer Service 24 hour hotline at 1.877.952.7277.

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