Street Maintenance

The annual paving program is completed through the Engineering and Parks Department. The Operations Department is responsible for filling potholes, sweeping the streets, snow removal, weed control, dust abatement and litter control.

Sightline Clearing

Owners or occupiers of land are responsible to remove, cut down or trim trees, shrubs, hedges or bushes that impede traffic or interfere with the roadbed. (District of Squamish Boulevard Bylaw No. 1619, 2000 and District of Squamish Dangerous Trees Bylaw No. 1065, 1989)

Bridge Maintenance

Public Works perform regular biannual bridge inspections and maintenance on all Municipal bridges in the District of Squamish.

Street Lights & Traffic Signals

To report a streetlight that is not working please contact the Operations Department at 604-815-6868. Please provide the location of the light and indicate, if possible, whether the pole the street light is mounted on is wooden or metal.

To request a new street light or changes to your current street light please submit your request in writing to the Manager of Operations. 

See Contact and Feedback page for contact information.


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