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Turning Water Supply Off/On/Disconnect

Water off/on/disconnect Request Form (Non-Emergency)

If your request is urgent, please contact District of Squamish Operations by phone: regular winter business hours (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) at 604.815.6868 / after regular business hours at 604.815.4040

  1. Payment is required when the request is submitted ($50 off/$50 on, no tax);
  2. IMPORTANT:48 hours’ notice is required, from time of full payment, when requesting water to be turned off/on;
  3. Water may only be turned off/on by District staff;
  4. After-hours requests are subject to applicable after-hour fees.

Please refer to the Water Rates Bylaw  for more information.

Service Disconnections

Service Disconnections relate to water, sanitary sewer or storm sewer connections that are to be removed/capped at the water main or sewer main during the demolition process.  Service disconnection fees are to be paid at time of Demolition permit application or prior.  No demolition permits will be issued until the services disconnection work has been completed, there are no exceptions.  

Service disconnection fees vary.  Please inquire with Building Services to obtain a quote for disconnection services. Pre-payment based on the quote is required. Quote turnaround time may vary. 

Bulk Water Fill Station

A pin number to access the fill station will be issued upon receipt of the "Bulk Water Request Form" and payment.  Staff will instruct you on proper use procedures. Please visit the Bulk Water Usage page for more information.

Backflow Prevention Form

The Backflow Prevention form is available at Municipal Hall. Please note a $10 fee will be charged for each form. Please visit the BCWWA website for more information about backflow and cross connection control.

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