Volunteer to Help

Your community depends on volunteers in various organizations to help prepare for crisis and provide for the basic needs of those impacted by emergencies and disasters. Here’s how you can get involved and help.


Canadian Red Cross - Emergency Support Services

In Squamish, Emergency Support Services (ESS) is provided by Canadian Red Cross volunteers.  Being an ESS volunteer with the Red Cross involves:

  • Responding to smaller emergency events to provide short-term basic needs assistance to displaced residents in the community
  • In larger emergencies, providing short-term basic needs assistance to displaced residents in an evacuee Reception Centre and other support facilities such as Group Lodging and Recovery Centres

To learn more and to get involved with the Squamish Canadian Red Cross team, please apply here.


Squamish Amateur Radio Club – Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications in Squamish are overseen by the Squamish Amateur Radio Club.  

  • Test and maintain radio and satellite equipment in a state of operational readiness
  • Provide emergency communications for Squamish, response support facilities, and the Squamish Emergency Operations Centre, should normal communications systems fail
  • Possess or be prepared to acquire an Amateur Radio Licence or engage in communications support activities

To learn more and to get involved with the Squamish Amateur Radio Club, please visit squamisharc.wordpress.com/.


Squamish Search and Rescue

Squamish Search and Rescue (SSAR) is a volunteer, community-based organization that provides 24/7 search and rescue services in and around Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. SSAR members train throughout the year to maintain proficiency in various search and rescue disciplines.  One of the busiest teams in the province, SSAR completes around 85-100 operations each year.

To learn more about SSAR, please visit squamishsar.org


Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) Station 4 provides volunteer-run marine search and rescue operations. RCM-SAR operates dedicated search and rescue vessels and local on-call crew, offers boat safety checks for recreational boaters, and provides information about boat safety and boat operator certifications. 

To learn more about RCM-SAR, please visit rcmsar.com

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