Project items update and event information

The District has been working on a number of items related to the Oceanfront project, including:

Squamish Oceanfront Peninsula Sub Area Plan (SAP) Amendment 
A proposed SAP amendment would allow Council the ability to consider development options not contemplated during the creation of the plan, provided overall density is maintained. View the SAP Amendment.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment
The Zoning Bylaw Amendment defines various zoning blocks, including permitted uses, height, density and building siting.

Phased Development Agreement (PDA)
The PDA defines the conditions for development of the Oceanfront lands, including holding the zoning and subdivision requirements in place for a 20-year time frame, the provision of amenities and various other requirements.

Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw
A new bylaw that could provide a possible municipal tax exemption to commercial and employment uses on the Oceanfront lands being rezoned.

Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw
An update to the municipal bylaw that applies to development throughout the District, recovering a portion of future infrastructure costs.

Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Policy
A policy council is considering that may apply to developers throughout the District applying for a rezoning, collecting money to help fund amenities.

Next steps

A public hearing for the SAP Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment will be held in May 26 2015, at which time additional public input can be received.

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