UAV Use in Squamish

Flying an Unmanned Air Vehicle  (UAV)

droneMore and more people are using unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), sometimes commonly called drones, for filming and special events. Transport Canada regulates their use to keep the public and our airspace safe.  Before you fly your drone, make sure you understand the rules that apply and follow them. 

Transport Canada's current guidelines state that drones should be flown:

  • at least nine kilometres away from airports;
  • no higher than 90 metres above the ground; and
  • at least 150 metres away from people, buildings and vehicles.

Also, to use your UAV for any form of work or research, you are legally required to apply for a Transport Canada Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). This applies to all UAVs used for filming or to capture event footage and regardless of how much the UAV weighs. 

Please note that you are required to notify the District of Squamish of any drone use upon submission of your Filming Application or Special Event Application.

If you are unsure if Transport Canada regulations apply to your drone use, please refer to the infographic below (provided by Transport Canada). Click image to enlarge.

Info graphic Flying an umanned aircraft























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