Drone Use in Squamish

RPAS (Drone) Use in Squamish


RPAS operations Near Squamish Municipal Airport – Don Patrick Field (“Squamish Airport”)

Squamish Airport is a registered aerodrome and supports fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft activity on a frequent basis. Ensuring safety and minimizing conflicts between RPAS and other aircraft is of paramount importance, and the responsibility of avoiding a collision lies with the RPAS operator. Per Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, RPAS operators shall:

  • Not operate a RPAS in a manner that could interfere with an aircraft operating in the established traffic patterns of Squamish Airport, as shown below (CAR 901.47(1));
  • Ensure that there is no likelihood of collision with another aircraft before take-off, launch, approach, landing or recovery (CAR 901.33); and
  • Not operate a RPAS at any special aviation event except with a Special Flight Operations Certificate – RPAS (CAR 901.41).


RPAS operations are not prohibited in the vicinity of Squamish Airport – however, RPAS operators should use significant caution in ensuring that their flight will not interfere with the operations of other aircraft. For RPAS operators that hold a Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A), the Squamish Aerodrome Traffic Frequency (122.8 MHz) can be monitored to improve your situational awareness of other aircraft.

Do you have questions regarding RPAS operations in the vicinity of Squamish Airport? Contact info:

Nav Triplett                                                        
Portfolio Administrator                                       
Phone: 778.266.3445                                       
Email: ntriplett@squamish.ca

RPAS Operations on District Land

No recreational RPAS flights are permitted at District parks and trails due to: possible risks to visitors and maintenance staff; possible disturbance of wildlife; possible cause of negative experience for other parks and trails users; possible privacy and nuisance concerns.

The District recognizes that RPAS flights may be useful for needs such as official studies, commercial filming and natural resource management. Applicants for such purposes should contact the Arts and Culture Department. If the intent is to produce a sequence for a film industry production refer to the Filming Application Process.

RPAS Operations on Private Property

Operators may conduct recreational RPAS flights from private property with property owner approval provided all guidance, rules and regulations as per above are followed.  If the intent is to produce a sequence for a film industry production refer to the Filming Application Process.

Please note that you are required to notify the District of any drone use upon submission of your Filming Application or Special Event Application.


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