Outdoor Water Use Bylaw

Stage 2 water conservation restrictions in effect as of Monday, July 8 2024.

The Outdoor Water Use Bylaw (No. 2254) was introduced in 2013, with amendments made in 2014 (Bylaw No. 2325).

Although water appears abundant in Squamish, fresh drinking water has a finite capacity. Costly upgrades to our infrastructure can be deferred through minimizing our potable water use, as well as reducing costs associated with water treatment and pumping.

Outdoor water restrictions are in place to effectively manage the supply and demand of water across the community during the summer months when our peak water usage is nearly double the volume of the winter months!

Visit our Water Conservation page for more information on the importance of reducing our water use and easy tips on how you can save water around your home.

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How to Work Within the Bylaw 

In each stage, vegetable gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs are permitted additional watering times based on the watering method used.

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Please view the "How to Work within the Bylaw"
chart for more details on what can be done in each
stage of the bylaw and the "Outdoor Water Use Area Map"



Permits may also be acquired for additional watering of newly seeded lawns and new sod. Please note, however, that no permits for watering newly seeded lawns or new sod will be issued in Stage 2. Please call the Public Works office at 604.815.6868 for more information. 

Stage 1 - Two days per week lawn watering

Lawn watering with a sprinkler is allowed as follows:

 Water Conservation Stage 2

Stage 2 - One day per week lawn watering

Stage 2 divides the community into seven areas, and provides each area with ONE day upon which they can water a lawn with a sprinkler, in either the morning or evening, based on the civic address.

 stage 2 chart 073020108

Stage 3 - No lawn watering

Lawn watering is not allowed. What happens after Stage 3


Stage 4 means no outdoor water use at all. This is reserved for emergency situations.


watering flowers

How to work within the bylaw

Answers to frequently asked questions about water restrictions.

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Water Conservation

Tips for conserving water indoors and outdoors.

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Outdoor Water Use Bylaw FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about water restrictions.

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